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It's more important that you increase your skills and contacts because this is 80% of your startup success.

On another note, perhaps you don't have to found a "startup", but you could start a side hustle or small business online?

You could use any number of marketplace platforms to sell your next product/service without having to build a company of your own from scratch.

I know, it isn't as glamorous as being a "startup founder".

But at 16, you have plenty of time to realize your dreams in many different ways, with lowest amount of risks (no spouse, children, mortgage or groceries that rely on a steady income).

Happy to have a straight to the point talk on how you can continue building your skillset and contacts-- while working on your side-hustle, before you launch your next startup.


In Europe, there are a number of partnership sites for B2B as you're implying. You could use these sites to post your offer or search for other offers and hopefully make a match.

Another approach is considering hiring local distributors who specialize in your industry. The advantage here is local distributors will already have a strong network to promote your products/services. Furthermore, local distributors would have thorough understanding of the local market,language, and business culture to close deals.

If you find my answer helpful, I'd be happy to give you straight to the point call on how to find local distributors.


Hi there I'm happy I could answer this question hopefully you'll get some insight from it.

So I took a look at your website and I think you're your safety boxes are really beautifully designed...

-But the first thing that comes to my mind is what types of hotels or establishments would want to purchase these safes in bulk?
-What type of clientele do they serve?

For example, it seems like it's very ultra high-end. I've been to several five-star resorts and not once have I ever used the safe. And if, I did happen to notice the safe, it wouldn't have mattered if it was a standard metal box or one of your beautiful creations. But maybe that's just me?

So ultimately my questions to you are:

-Is there a demand for luxury high-end safes? Especially considering that these items are typically concealed and not shown off?

Answering these questions will really help you figure out how to navigate the fundraising world, because you're going to get theset question all the time.

Where is the demand? In other words, where is the revenue going to come from producing these luxury safe boxes?

I'd be happy to talk more and figure out a unique strategy for you on a call.


First, congratulations on your startup venture! It's always a challenge just to get yourself out there and start.

In your question, you mentioned that you started a marketplace for diving experiences. The first thing that comes to mind:

How many people are actively searching for diving experiences?
How much revenue does each diver generate per experience?
How many of these experiences can you execute in one day multuplied by how many divers?

I asked questions because the number one thing you want to think about when you're starting your business is how much revenue can it actually and potentially generate.

That number of revenue is what's going to motivate people like partners, investors and even your other customers to take part in your venture.

Regarding your questions on what you should do next, I have a couple of suggestions that you may not be pretty....But given your current situation and running out of funding, might be more realistic and you could have a turn around really quickly, albeit at a smaller scale.

Happy to talk more!

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