How can I increase my customers?

Im basically from India, my company provides services such as Product Design ,Electronic, Mechanical, Development, Prototyping, Manufacturing of Plastics, Rubbers, Sheet metals, Machined parts, Work and test benches, PCB,etc, We even help startups. We always supply with good quality products as per any specific standards, provide competitive pricing and ensure that our customer is satisfied and build a long term relationship with them. We do have few big customer in US and Europe, but i want to i increase my customers and find more companies to supply to in US and Europe, basically marketing my services there?


In order to give a complete answer, it is important to get more information. Nevertheless, and based on the information you provided, here are a few suggested methods. There are many more but I don't want this answer to be longer than it already is.
1. Ask your existing client/s for referrals. If they were happy with the work that you did, they should be happy to help. If you feel the need, offer them a X%/$X discount on the next project for every client they refer. This is 'win-win-win' situation because you get more clients, they get a discount, and they use your services again.
2. Ask your existing clients for a written recommendation + permission to use their logo on your website. Publish them both on your website. This will help increase the conversion rate on your website. If you feel the need, you can offer them a link to their website which will be good for both of your SEO rankings - so another win-win.
3. Publish as much (relevant and quality) content as possible on your website (about the projects you've done, potential projects, your fields of expertise, etc. Obviously, you need to have a professional and trustworthy looking website. I can explain how the articles need to be done.
4. Create a free 'get a quote tool' - many customers check online to get an estimate of how much the project will cost. If you have an automatic online tool, this can attract a lot of customers. I have personally used such a tool and I was very impressed.
5. Partner with organizations/companies that work with your target clients - for example: I work with lots of entrepreneurs and many of them ask me for referrals to various types of service providers, including programming companies. These companies give me a small percentage of the profits they make from my referrals (of course I only refer to companies which I know and trust as my reputation is worth more than the referral fee).
I've successfully helped over 300 entrepreneurs and will be happy to help you. After scheduling the call, please send me any relevant background material.
Good luck

Answered 5 years ago

It's actually easy. Go talk to your current customers. Ask them why they do business with you. They may, and most likely will, tell you something different than you're saying to new prospects.Listen to what your current customers are saying and use their messaging to talk to the market. Ask them if they know other companies that could use what you have,

Also, look at your best clients and make them the model of other companies to approach.

Answered 5 years ago

I support the other answers given here, and add this.

- Go and join the professional trade bodies who represent the industries for your existing clients. Ask your existing clients what these are.
- Once you are a member, you will be able to see a membership list of other organisations who are also members
- Plan outbound marketing to approach these companies and see if they want to also work with you.

Lastly, consider visiting the annual conferences and trade shows which these professional bodies run because you will then meet in person with prospects. Many people find it easier to sell their expertise face to face. You could consider doing a trade show stand as well where you can display your past work and the logos of your clients. This builds trust and can start discussions.,

In summary - you need to learn the process of B2B new business, you need a strategy for your new business development and then you need a regular tactical execution process to deliver the new business programme.

You may choose to hire an external advisor to help write the strategy, you could get an in-house salesperson to deliver the tactical execution as well, depending on the size of your contracts and how many you need to get in order to pay for their salary plus commission to make it worthwhile for the business.
Best wishes.

Answered 5 years ago

In Europe, there are a number of partnership sites for B2B as you're implying. You could use these sites to post your offer or search for other offers and hopefully make a match.

Another approach is considering hiring local distributors who specialize in your industry. The advantage here is local distributors will already have a strong network to promote your products/services. Furthermore, local distributors would have thorough understanding of the local market,language, and business culture to close deals.

If you find my answer helpful, I'd be happy to give you straight to the point call on how to find local distributors.


Answered 5 years ago

Hi -

Bottom line. Focus on marketing and promotions. You will have to trial and error until you find ways that are working that put you in the growth direction. I'd put together a plan on how you will market to the US customer base and your overall business development plants. Feel free to reach out and call if you would like to work on planning and marketing together.

Answered 5 years ago

First, examine how you obtained your European and US major customers then repeat that model to obtain more.
Second, consider investing in large industry European and US trade shows.
Third, Attend European and US trade shows and spread the word that your company us seeking US and EU sales representation.

Answered 5 years ago


I help increase sales through customer success.

Your company is in numerous areas. It is not clear in which area the business from US and Europe is coming from. And what is your unique edge why customers come to you. Also is the market large enough to be attractive and do you have strong ability to service that market.

The good thing is that you have large customers there and are able to provide products at high quality at competitive costs, and you focus on long term relationships. These are signs of a good business.

US and Europe are huge markets. You have to focus on specific areas, in sequence.

You have a number of answers to this question and they are valuable to follow.

In addition, my feeling is that you should focus on 1-2 areas, as opposed to over a dozen above, where you are strong, there is a large market, and you have a sustainable competitive edge.

You should make a business plan for above with revenue, cost, cash flow, and margin projections. It should also include a go to market plan that may include marketing strategy, collateral development, sales resources, channel plans, marketing campaigns, social media strategy, conferences, events et al.

It seems that you do a mix of project and contract manufacturing work. Typical order values, revenues, costs, and margins will help provide more clarity to questions as above.

If you send me some of this information, I can help refine this answer further.

Unless you sharpen your strategies, building sustainability will be tough, in my opinion.

Best wishes and Season's Greetings. Bye. - Somesh

Answered 5 years ago

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