who should I ask for help? What kind of person can help me and where could I find it?

I have 2 problems to solve: 1) I created a simple algorithm at a theoretical level, having a certain number of incoming variables, it gives me a different answer every time I change these variables. a sort of software decision maker with the aim of finding the best answer in a context of several variables. 2) once the algorithm has been created in a programming language, I have to create a user interface that can connect users "clients" with this algorithm .. who is the most suitable person to build a site and/or a mobile app to be able to interface with this algorithm? where do i find this person? ps: I expect answers like "you should contact a programmer specializing in" X ", and you can find it on the site" Y ".. what I'm looking for in this context is ONLY" X "and" Y ", not generic answers that lead to other questions .. thanks a lot in advance to all those who will be able to give me an answer!


Experts Exchange or Stack Overflow will be better places to ask this question.

Answered 5 years ago

Of course Stack Overflow, what would be the modern programming without it?

Answered 5 years ago

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