How do I create a successful proposal for a newly open commercial cleaning company with no prior experience?

We have worked as cleaners and supervisors and have experience workers but as a company with do not have experience acquiring a contract and I want to know how to acquire one.


My guess is you're talking about a proposal being sent to prospective clients.

If I were doing Leadgen for a cleaning company, I'd read Dan Kennedy's books.

I'd also pickup a copy of the book Kennedy + Buck co-authored about referral generation. is also a great resource. Get a copy of Shaun's book (free), read it cover to cover (I did the other morning, sitting in a car dealership service department), then startup a newsletter being sent to all your cold leads + existing clients.

Good Marketing is a marathon, not a sprint.

Target 20-30... slow drip... contacts before you expunge a lead from your direct mail list.

Answered 5 years ago

I was working as a buyer for more then ten years so I know how a good proposal looks like.

It is easiest to look at the proposal request if you have one. there should be a guideline on what they want and which information they require.

A Proposal is normaly devided in three parts.
1.Introduction which should outline your company and why you are good at what you do.
2. the services you are offering to the company and
3. your cost model

Dont write a huge company profile. Stick to the basics.
Make sure you are making the whole proposal easy to the eye and clear with no typing mistakes. (If you dont show quality in your proposal, you are not expected to deliver quality)
Best would be a cover page with a picture of the contact person and their contact details really, then half a page about your company and services and then 1/2 to 1 page about the services your proposing and then 1/2 about your cost model.
Make sure you show why your company is better than anybody else. Show your quality (like show that your other clients hardly ever moan but are happy with you, maybe even add a recommendation if you have one)

If you need any further information, or would like me to go through your proposal in detail with you I am happy to do so in a call.

Answered 4 years ago

The best cleaners like to make a difference for their clients, so it is essential that you enjoy the process. For example, the sides of the furniture may not need to be dusted on each appointment, but you better make sure you dust them before your client complains. Once you start in a client home you will be expected to keep moving until the job is completed. Time is money and dawdling on the job may prevent you from earning enough to keep your business in profit. If you have some disabilities, you might want to consider another type of business. As you acquire new leads and customers, you will be juggling a calendar of ongoing and one-time appointments. This involves providing estimates, creating a customer file, maintaining a 12-month calendar, and addressing customer needs when they need to reschedule. On top of acquiring new customers and addressing client needs, you will be responsible for invoicing and tracking client payments. In today's digital world, you also can setup recurring billing through a service like PayPal that younger clients will appreciate. This is one of the biggest money pits in owning and running a business. This is the difference between ads that work and those that do not return any new prospects for your business. Running a business involves defining policies and procedures that tell your customers how you run your business and how you will respond to their needs. Without these policies and procedures, your clients will consider you their worker and tell you what and how to clean and find it easy to get you to do more work without paying you. This is the biggest complaint I get from new house cleaning business owners. Good customer service is not doing everything your customer wants you to do. It is enforcing your policies and procedures without having your client resent you and then cancel your service.
You will need to do this with a smile and understand that sometimes everything you do to appease our customers may lead to a cancellation in the end. That is part of business, but you need to make sure you did everything you could to protect your business while enforcing your policies. Therefore, having your policies in writing and delivered to your clients is so important. More information on customer service in this blog post. This is part of customer service, but special attention needs to be given to complaints. A good house cleaning business must have a service guarantee. Sometimes this is not good enough for some customers, so you will need to decide how you will handle those. Customers expect you to take the heat and make it right.
You will need to know when a customer is abusing that and take the appropriate steps. If you already keep a home budget, then you can easily create a budget for your new business. This will help you to spend wisely, understand where your money is going, and force you to save a portion of your income to grow your business. A business plan intimidates many people the first time they are presented with the idea. Think of it as your roadmap to success. And that is exactly why you should plan your business. Once you have a plan established it is simply a matter of following it to reach the success you have planned. It is a common mistake to think running a business will be comparable to going to a job. You will be returning phone calls from new prospects, performing in-home estimates, keeping a job calendar, maintaining your supplies and equipment, and performing client follow-up and customer service tasks. This is what it takes to get a new business off the ground and into profit. Before you can go out to dinner with family or friends, you will need to make sure you do not have any outstanding issues for the business. By paying attention to business issues first, you can put your new business on solid ground and drive it to success.
Besides if you do have any questions give me a call:

Answered 4 years ago

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