You question requires some clarification, as it unclear if you're trying to reach a target audience of a specific type of freelancer or you're a freelancer desiring to reach a target audience of potential clients.

I'm guessing your a Freelancer looking for clients, by the 2nd line of your question...

This is super easy.

Give talks at events, conferences, anywhere people in your niche meet.

You can also contribute to places like Experts Exchange.

Tip: If you can say something like I'm in the top 100 EE posters, this sets you apart into a different class of human.

Speaking at WordCamp events is great also. You just somehow associate your expertise with WordPress + you have a built in speaking circuit.

Tip: If you can reach the right people who... require your expertise + are dripping in free cash, you too will be a 6-7 Figure Freelancer.

The trick is finding the right people.

Speaking from stage to small or large groups is hands down the best way to attract high dollar clients.

Answered 2 years ago

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