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Started my first business in 1974, been going strong since. My business portfolio is varied. Recent focus has been setting up 10,000+ reqs/sec WordPress sites. Most hosting companies can barely make 10 reqs/sec. Anyone expert who tells you "WordPress is slow"... Do a 180 + run, as likely their incompetence is pervasive. For example, SERP Shaker WordPress sites I've been setting up recently clock in at 7,000+ reqs/sec. In November + December 2014, one of my clients ran sustained traffic, all day, every day of 100,000+ unique visitors/second on a $100/month dedicated server machine at a load of 5%-10% of capacity. If you site is slow remember, site speed depends primarily on the tuning of the server machine where your site is running.

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You're question is phrased oddly.

Unsure if you're trying to...

1) Auto post Facebook content to a WordPress site... or...

2) Auto post WordPress content to a Facebook page.

My guess is #2, so you'll use https://hootsuite.com or something similar.

You must be very careful about how exactly you do this, as you'll either destroy your WordPress site SEO or Facebook page SEO.

Before you start down this path, best hire someone like a Fractional CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) to go through your entire online ecosystem + money flow, to ensure you're optimizing your marketing aligned with your exact income goals.

Tip: Anyone can write anything on a Website.

If you're doing very low dollar coaching, Website content might be a factor.

For high dollar coaching, you may notice some Websites have zero content about anything.

Just an application or opt-in for when site will be open for new clients again.

If you're looking for high dollar clients $1000+/week to month, continuity income clients... it's rare any of these clients will ever come from any Web traffic.

Almost all will come from live talks, direct mail, physical newsletters.

My stats show 80% of my new clients come at or after the 7th contact.

Keep this in mind, Web traffic landing once will tend to be low dollar, high returns, the worst of the worst of clients.

If you're building a 6-7 figure/year coaching practice, you'll have very little focus on Web content.


The responsible party is the person placing content on the site.

Also, there is no trademark violation, so long as...

1) Person using the domain was using the term before someone else trade marked the name/phrase.

2) The domain relates to a different niche.

For example if the trade mark is "Best Stuff" for a soap.

Then the domain uses "Best Stuff" for Vegan recipes, there is no trademark infringement.

If you have questions, best to ask some expert about this.

Tip: Also, if you have Legal Shield coverage, very few people will ever have the budget to take you on in court.

Search Clarity for other questions involving Legal Shield for details about this service.

There are so many ways for raising capital, might be best to just keep all your equity + continue self funding.

Hint: Best way is to generate massive income.

As for Methods, you can use any existing method or make up your own.

Generally, the more income you're generating, the better terms you'll get from external investments.

1) Wordpress: I can make a basic nice looking site and then outsource for more complex things....but I really dislike it. Customers always want more for free, so many bugs, stressful.

Well... which do you like more... doing WordPress coding or living out of your car.

I work with WordPress all day, every day.

The trick to keep from going insane is to build your entire business around continuity.

All my WordPress clients are setup on PayPal recurring subscriptions, so I do some work, then get paid forever.

2) Instagram: I have some experience with Instagram in posting photos on IG would be lots of work but fun work. And I get paid by the hour.
If I choose this I can go through some courses and know probably more than 80% of anyone else.

A likely prospect + I'm far to lazy to do this because, WordPress work tends to pay more + drives easily to continuity income.

3) Video editing: I have some experience using Adobe premiere pro, a little with doing actual filming. Again I could take a course to be good at is.

Super time intensive. No one's ever 100% satisfied. Lowest income/hour of the 3x you mention.

4) If you could start a new service, would you choose an IG marketing service or a video editing service to start?

I'd go for WordPress site work driving to continuity income.

5) PS- I there a way to check how well companies in these fields are doing?

Not really an issue.

Better to determine how much income/month you require, then look at markets, determine your price points, then get started.

There are many breathing humans alive right now, enough of which are interested in any of the options you mention... enough will buy to keep you from living in your car.

I host 1000s of WordPress site projects.

WordPress security is rock solid, if you...

1) Only use repository themes + plugins. If you use random paid themes + plugins, you'll likely get hacked.

2) You must install an auto update plugin, which installs all core + theme + plugin updates, as they occur.

Note: Hackable themes/plugins + people reusing weak passwords across many sites is the primary ways hackers get into sites... through WordPress...

3) That said, for my 5% of all site hacks occur through WordPress 95% of site hacks occur because the hosting company is 100% incompetent.

If you're truly concerned about security, the most effective part of your security is the one person you pay (normally a king's ransom) to keep all your OS code updated, which also means you'll be running on dedicated servers... rather than normal shared hosting.

The quality of the person you hire to setup + maintain your security, will determine your security.

Scalability: This also depends on the person you hire for this. Normally one person will take care of both.

When I deliver a WordPress site to a client, normal site speeds run at 1,000,000+ requests/minute throughput... which means...

Anyone who tells you WordPress is slow... simply doesn't have the experience to tune WordPress to run fast.

WordPress is secure + scales, directly related to the intelligence of your Server Savant... you have doing all your server work on a regular basis.


This is best done before a business is ever designed, focusing on the Market Affinity of the principles.

In other words, stick with Markets you know inside out.

Most SWOT approaches are overly complex.

Here's my 1x question SWOT template.

"Stick with anything you've done for the past 10 years + you'll do again for then 10 years, with or without pay."

Tip: Anything you do for 10, 20, 30+ years, you'll have some much muscle memory SWOT data in your cells, no competitor can touch your business.

Generally you'll alway do best...

1) Doing your own pitches.

2) Pitching to large groups interested in your product/service.

You will always know your business better than anyone else.

You should be the face of your business, not some random person you hire.

Research how the gruff + curmudgeonly + unkempt Dan Kennedy built a multi-million/year business from speaking a few times each year.

Guarantee: Once you see one of Dan Kennedy's talks, likely you'll scratch your head + say... wow... I can do that good...

One of Dan's greatest legacies is he showed many of how to speak our way to great fortunes by providing the model of how to speak in our own voices... sharp edges + all...

Taxes are paid on income.

Your question seems related to cost of development, which is an expense.

So you'll write off expenses, not pay taxes on expenses.

Note: If you're a US citizen you'll pay tax on world wide income.

Tip: Better to always double check with your Tax Person about tax questions... as making long term business choices to optimize taxes... if done incorrectly... can be very costly...

1) Hire someone to help speed up your Website.

You're running WordPress, so your site should be much faster.

Site I turn out, run at local speeds of 1M+ requests/minute, so any nonsense you hear about WordPress running slow... is a myth...

2) Primary speed problem seems related to your hosting environment. Likely this means you'll change to using a bare metal host, from a provisioner like OVH.

Tip: If you're planning on running a lot of traffic, you must use bare metal machines + your most crucial resource will be the person who knows enough to keep your machines running fast.

3) Aside: Use self serving hosting for all your courseware (videos, audios, content).

Note: There have been many postings about how to accomplish #3 on Experts Exchange recently.

Self hosted video is far cheaper than any other option + provides a level of metrics unavailable if you use a video hosting service.

4) Best marketing advice is super simple.

After you've finished #1-#3, then just start speaking at every WordCamp (since your site uses WordPress) talking about your business model + the tech (WordPress tricks) used to implement your site.

Tip: I run hosting for many large Summit + Docuseries projects. I'm about to start on the WordCamp circuit talking about my system too, which is very similar to the LMS system you're talking about. In fact, identical technology.

Other speaking venues for you to target will be...

- Affiliate Summit
- PubCon
- 1000s of https://Meetup.com groups

Ideally the person running your machines is articulate enough to do some of this speaking.

Because... Speaking to groups is hands down the most effective way to land good clients.

Note: clients != good clients.

"Good Clients" - Have the longterm direct experience to user your tech without hassling your support every minute of every day for every little thing.

Tip: I fire all clients, only keeping "Good Clients".

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