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Started my first business in 1974, been going strong since. My business portfolio is varied. Recent focus has been setting up 10,000+ reqs/sec WordPress sites. Most hosting companies can barely make 10 reqs/sec. Anyone expert who tells you "WordPress is slow"... Do a 180 + run, as likely their incompetence is pervasive. For example, SERP Shaker WordPress sites I've been setting up recently clock in at 7,000+ reqs/sec. In November + December 2014, one of my clients ran sustained traffic, all day, every day of 100,000+ unique visitors/second on a $100/month dedicated server machine at a load of 5%-10% of capacity. If you site is slow remember, site speed depends primarily on the tuning of the server machine where your site is running.

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Best approach.

Avoid teams + Keep all profits yourself.

My rule is, "If I can't automate a task in software, then I abandon the task."


Anytime you involve humans... the algorithm becomes...

Staff != Scaling

Said differently, the more layers of humans involved in any business process, there is no scaling.

You can't have scaling with humans... or if you can, you'll now have a full time job managing humans, rather than spending your profits.

If you can't figure out how to scale (meaning 0 staff + 0 overhead), best you hire someone who does understand this to design a scaling strategy for you.

My personal rule...

"A good business is one that can run without any humans, except me... so automagick (zero staff)... Marketing, Sales, Ordering, Fulfillment, Support, Billing, Accounting."

Also, "Billing means daily/weekly/monthly recurring transactions".

To me....

Real Money == Recurring Income


Just search for articles about monetization... or read any/all of Dan Kennedy's books.

Looks at what's currently working, like selling Ads.

Likely best to start by reading all of Bob Lotich's books, in published date sequence. If you're a fast reader, you might get through all of them in a single day.

Bob's approach to... how to say this... discovering the most lucrative Native Ads to run onsite... is worth it's weight in gold.

If you're still stuck after all this, hire someone to help you design a monetization strategy.

The more important consideration, is if you're a first time user of hydrogen, best educate yourself first.

Watch footage of the Hindenburg disaster.

There are far easier + safer ways to make a living, then working with any hydrogen based processing.

Question requires far more detail.

If I had 100 kids, I'd put them to work doing lawn care + power washing, because I know they could succeed at these activities...

And... as important... these activities would get them off their phones/screens.

Having a "Digital Marketing" background... you already know how many lies + myths exist about the effectiveness of DM.

If you're interested in teaching them effective marketing, have them mow lawns + powerwash for a year, then teach the most diligent of the 100 about copywriting for email + direct mail.

As copywriting + list selection is the core of effective marketing.

Depends on who you ask.

If you read all the banned data about Vitamin C (back to the early 1900s), along with MMS (no MMS isn't bleach) you'll find a variety of ways to clear these pathologies (symptom sets).

Tip: No one can use the word "cured" because the AMA (Medical Cartel Gestapo) owns this word.

If you or anyone else uses the word "cure" related to any modality, you can end up broke, incarcerated, or both.

Better to replace "cure" with "clear/reverse symptoms" or anything different than the word "cure" or "cured".


Bill of sale.

Transfer of title.

Your relative will release the vehicle in NC.

You will register your vehicle in PA.

Fairly simple process.

Once you have a bill of sale + titled signed over to you, then contact your PA registrar for any other assistance you might require.

No clue what "home management" might mean.

Tip: If you need an App to start selling something now, scrap your idea + get a new one.

No App will... create profit...

Start manually... now... today... before sunset...

Once you have more manual sales than you can handle, you might be included to invest in an App.

Tip: Apps are controlled by Google (Android) + Apple (iOS).

Most of my clients have retired their Apps, to escape tracking + cancelling by these... Evil Entities...

Instead they've switched to mobile friendly Websites.


1) If you're in the U.S. just open a complaint with your State's Attorney General, because if you've been hit, many others have too.

I'd also open the same complaint in the State of domicile for the company, if it's a U.S. company.

2) Start a PR campaign, appearing on Radio, TV, Podcasts, speaking for Meetup groups, taking about the bank + any parent company + also any countries involved.

This includes for major shareholders in the bank or parent companies.

Create enough press where revenues drop off + you'll get your money back.

3) Lease a server from OVH (no U.S. connection) + setup a Website about this problem.

Then place an offer of sale on your site for $1,000,000 USD, so the bank + parent company's have a clear indication of how... displeased... you are with their business practices...

4) If you've never done this before, hire someone who has to walk you through the process.

Use H&R Block executive tax services.

Problems with CPAs.

1) They're expensive.

2) They make many mistakes.

3) Worst, if 1x of their clients gets caught up in some organized criminal activity (accidentally or on purpose), this can trigger a blanked audit of all clients, as the CPA is flagged as supporting criminal enterprises.

H&R Block is just to large to audit every client.

4) Your goal with tax filings is to become 1x of 1,000,000s of leaves floating on the... audit ocean... so likelihood of you being the leaf pulled for an audit is slim.

1) Hire people smart enough to do the work.

2) Pay them out of profits.

This way they'll keep quiet, because if they speak, they lose money.

3) Also know, your idea isn't new... "There is no new thing under the sun."

In fact, the worst ideas are anything new.

Always do something... that's already been done... either do it better or do some "seemingly new spin".

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