I have designed and developed a user and subscriber based messenger application that i am launching in the next 2 months. I have added analytics for subscribers to extract basic information to analyse. The reason for not developing a sophisticated analytics function is that the subscriber base is so large and diverse that i want to develop a one for all fit. My intention is to add general improvements to the analytics as subscribers requests are made. Is this a good strategy. My worry is if the analytics are so basic, it might not attract subscribers to subscribe. I am looking for advice from anyone who is experienced in this field.

You might consider doing a free month or two or three.

The people who stay are happy.

The people who go, do an exit interview, asking what you can do to bring them back in the future.

You may find analytics is only important to you.

Tip: Never guess what customers think they need. You'll almost always be wrong. Just ask them. Then provide what they ask for... well... only if many ask for the same thing. If all your exit interviews provide some different answer, ignoring them might be best.

Big Tip: During free period, send some 1x-3x per week email course materials providing tips/tricks/traps for using your tech. In each of these email, just ask... "What features can make your life easier, that we can add to our platform."

Again. Never guess. Just ask.

Answered a year ago

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