What is the best channel or strategy to find people looking to raise capital?


Read Dan Kennedy's + Bill Glazer's books to start with.

Speak at events + tech/niche related conferences.

Answered 5 years ago or CrunchBase are good starts...

Answered 5 years ago

Ok so you’re an aspiring angel investor. I would suggest that as opposed to you “trying to find businesses that want to raise capital” you would actually first get a deeper understanding of angel investing. Most companies looking to raise capital are not worth giving capital to. Even the ones that manage to raise capital have a very high failure rate. The best deals are ones you have the hardest time getting into, because they will tend to be oversubscribed. However having a deal that’s oversubscribed doesn’t mean that it’s a winner. What I would do is a) read Jason Calacanis’ book Angel b) look at some syndicates in Angellist and join them c) figure out if there are any angel networks in your area and connect with them.

Answered 5 years ago

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