What kind of service or product can be the best fit to run co-marketing with a company which provide UI/UX review of websites and mobile apps?


Depending on the scope of the company you can try to offer a broad variety of services with your co-marketing campaign.

For instance, just to name a few:
- any services related to SEO optimization. SEO and UX are strictly interconnected; most of the clients who are looking for UX reviews may be interested in SEO audits as well
- any services related to designing ( graphic designing, logo building, naming, etc) are also strictly connected with UX. Additionally, you can gain the halo effect of being endorsed from an UX design company: this helps in terms of reputation
- any more technical (back end) services related to content management systems
- and, broadly, any digital consultancy services.

This is just a short list since the options are countless: I work for a global brand and we have run several co-marketing campaigns. It's key understanding the partner you are engaging with to define the best way of planning the campaign.

Happy to chat for more details.

Answered 4 years ago

Hello! You need to consider where UI and UX come in and why. Typically, by the time UI/UX is designed and then reviewed a range of activities must've taken place, e.g.:

(1) Someone defined the proposition, product or service which the UI/UX is supposed to satisfy.
(2) Someone created a project around the UI/UX design and implementation.
(3) Someone created a blueprint for integrating the UI with existing systems and thought of ways to streamline UX across products or services.

If you provide services in any of the above, they will constitute a value-add to UI/UX. One obvious angle to play, if you're doing reviews, would be to try and determine why UI/UX fails to achieve what your client wants. This presents a broader methodology improvement opportunity for your client - a valuable lesson.

More than happy to share some of my experiences delivering UI/UX changes as parts of digital transformation. I've also authored standards and guidelines for UI/UX design for large corporations so know what can go wrong and what would sell as a complementary service to your reviews.

Answered 4 years ago

Partner with SaaS e-commerce and website builders (Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, SquareSpace, etc).

Web hosting companies are always looking for add-on services to differentiate themselves in a crowded field as well.

Answered 4 years ago

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