High-Risk Merchant Payment Processing: How to work with ISO's offering card processing.

I am not a merchant payment services provider. I don't have time! However, I'm overwhelmed with inbound inquiries from high-risk merchants [CBD, online loans; especially payday...] I have direct relationships with ODFI's/Banks aggressively pursuing these lines of business. My Challenge? MANY ISO's approach me for intros to these banks and credit unions in order to serve their clients. After I make an introduction between the ISO and the bank, I'm left out in the cold. How do I earn perhaps 50 basis points+ for the millions of dollars in monthly transactions AND continue to receive a slice of future business that occurs between the ISO's and my banks? I'm really the conduit under my existing business model.


Setup your business as a pass through.

You run the transactions + charge a fee.

Likely, for the businesses you mention, they'd be happy to pay a premium fee... as you will be the only payment processor to accept their transactions.

Answered 5 years ago

Simply reach out to a high-risk processor and has them if they will pay you for referrals.

Answered 4 years ago

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