We´re a sustainable fashion e-commerce retailer based in Czech Republic and are now looking to expand to Austria and other European markets. We are already registered on several platforms and have had a good response and a few investor meetings already but no deal closed just yet. We have all required documentation and would therefore only be interested in the actual support of reaching out to business angels and VC´s. If you´re available for the task and think you have relevant contacts feel free to contact me.

You can use LinkedIn to reach out to investors.

I am connected with many investors on LinkedIn. Just today the personal adviser to Kevin Harrington-Original Shark from ABCs Hit Show, Shark Tank connected with me.

Here is how it goes to find investors:
1. You define who you want to reach and where they should be located.
2. You optimize your LinkedIn profile so that it shows what you do and what is in for a potential investor.
3. You search for your ideal investor on LinkedIn.
4. Once connection has been accepted you start a dialogue.
5. If the person seems interested in what you have you make an appointment via Zoom or Skype or phone.
6. Talk with the potential investor and if all makes sense arrange a meeting in Prague or in their city.

The example above happened because I also publish videos on a regular basis.

I am happy to jump on a call and answer all your questions.

Answered 5 months ago

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