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I can help you to boom your startup by using social media to create a passionate following for your company and your brand.

Your ideal clients will know that you are the expert that they need, and they will be happy to talk to you.

Need Clients or Customers... Let's Talk!

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You can use LinkedIn to reach out to investors.

I am connected with many investors on LinkedIn. Just today the personal adviser to Kevin Harrington-Original Shark from ABCs Hit Show, Shark Tank connected with me.

Here is how it goes to find investors:
1. You define who you want to reach and where they should be located.
2. You optimize your LinkedIn profile so that it shows what you do and what is in for a potential investor.
3. You search for your ideal investor on LinkedIn.
4. Once connection has been accepted you start a dialogue.
5. If the person seems interested in what you have you make an appointment via Zoom or Skype or phone.
6. Talk with the potential investor and if all makes sense arrange a meeting in Prague or in their city.

The example above happened because I also publish videos on a regular basis.

I am happy to jump on a call and answer all your questions.

So, you are looking for leads to call you. That's a very good idea.

Cold calling is not the solution. Don't get me wrong, cold calling works. I have successfully built a company using cold calling. But that was some time ago and now it's extremely difficult to get people on the phone.

The solution to this is lead generation using LinkedIn. You can search for your ideal customers, request a connection and once accepted start a dialogue.

This works. I have personally closed over 6 figures in business this way and my students and my clients as well.

LinkedIn can also be used to make people connect with you and request your help.

I am happy to jump on a call with you and explain how this all works in detail and answer all your questions.

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