What is the best way to raise funding for fintech blockchain based ecosystem?

Looking to the best way to raise capital alternative to ICO. ICO is dead, STO is well expensive. Where and how to find seed investors?


The prototype of the product should be ready even before approaching any entity to raise funds. Once this goal is achieved start writing your own questionnaire and answer six important questions to raise funds or capital from any entity.
The most important question to be answered is who is your trusted reliable resource. The most trusted reliable resource for your fintech blockchain based technology is to identify your paying clients or customers. IDENTIFYING right data points is going to open many avenues to funding opportunities. If you wish get more insight feel free to ask me next course of success model to raise funds.
All the best !!

Answered 5 years ago

You can raise funds from Angel Investors and then through VCs in the next round. This needs a detailed discussion, feel free to setup a call with me.

Answered 5 years ago

Hello! The appreciation of what blockchain can do is now spreading in large corporations. Most have started on at least an assessment of existing blockchain deployment approaches, many have invested in startups or became members of alliances.

One of the ways to get funding and exploit the uptick in demand is to get a prospective client to fund you. There are groups in established firms looking for startups to acquire or mentor. There are several grades of companies they look for - those with a small, established client base through those which have a fantastic idea but have not yet produced their MVP.

I'm an architect who works with 'innovation hunters' on a regular basis. I can help you explore this approach.

Answered 5 years ago

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