So, Basically our application helps users to plan their travel, visa requirement and other cultural aspects of the destination countries. Connect travelers with local tour guide. We save travelers time and make travel painless.

This is a very broad question, and some crucial information is missing - this means that any practical answer given won't be accurate enough for your needs (I'll explain):
There is a different marketing strategy for each of the services that you provide, and for each of your target market groups (types of users). For example, I assume that some people are only looking for help with the Visa aspect, and others want the private tour guide service.
My advice would be for you to first check:
1. Which service is the most expensive/costly to market (cost per user)?
2. Which of your services are most profitable (per user, after marketing expenses)?
3. Which of your services is the most sought after/requested (not specifically from you, but in the market in general)? and by which type of user (for example, the most sought after service is assistance with Visas and the target market is usually 30-45 year olds from US)? Knowing the age group, for example, helps you determine where to market your service (for example you would prefer to not advertise this specific service on Instagram).
You can check all the above with a fairly low marketing budget.
Only after you have the above information should you start marketing, because this way you will market the most profitable service to the best suited target market. After you start with this, you can market your other services (if you choose to).
I've successfully helped over 300 entrepreneurs and I'd be happy to help you. Good luck

Answered 6 months ago

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