I run several online businesses and have an office based team of staff that work across them all. My problem is that I feel I have a lack of focus and direction (due to having multiple businesses) and I'm sure the staff feel confused at times too. All businesses produce an income, but none are doing anything "amazing" or as good as they could. I'm torn; I like having multiple income streams (not reliant on one thing) but at the same time I'm frustrated with lack of progress across them all. What should I do? Get rid of some businesses to clear my head, delegate/structure it better or something else?

There is no harm in having several businesses BUT it is wisdom to focus your full energy on the best business out of your lot. Let that focused business give you all the income you need on ongoing basis.

Then you need to develop systems so that business doesn't need your full time attention. And then only focus on the next one and so on. Till then just see that other businesses are just maintained.

Answered 5 years ago

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