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The profit strategy that will make you a $50,000 profit is not the same as the one that will make you $500,000, just as the one that makes $100,000 won’t make $1 million. If it feels like a struggle, it means you do not have a profit strategy that works. Stop struggling and clarify your strategy for you - to multiply business profits, you’ll need to upgrade both your strategies and the performance of you and your team.

I mentor ambitious entrepreneurs to multiply their profits through innovative growth strategies for accelerating their business expansion and for dealing with obstacles to growth, based on the principles of multiplication and the principles of exponential growth. If you have a passion and commitment to multiply your profits then book a Profit Strategy Session NOW - visit www.ProfitMentoring.com

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Please never forget that sales is just one step of marketing which starts with research and development - find the need of the people in the area you are located or you want to target. Your focus must be to fulfil their needs - offering solutions. Just let them know through various sources that you can help them and your prospective clients will contact you on their own. I wish you all the best

Please never forget that you are solving problems being faced by the travellers so as a special focus join various groups on FaceBook and other social media sites. Further post various articles and short videos focused to solve problems faced by the prospective travellers. I wish you all the best

Perhaps it is wisdom to use both the names for about a year because the old domain name will bring prospective clients to you which you can easily convert into a proper sales. It is important to be visible and then wait for the invitation.

As per my personal experience I had www.angloindia.co.uk the name established with my clients but our partnership changed and we wanted to do business with a new domain name www.ProfitMentoring.com

When somebody clicked on www.angloindia.co.uk then the site automatically got transferred to www.ProfitMentoring.com and this way we got the maximum benefit of our old established name as well

You are lucky to get the relevant wisdom from the professionals as Jason Knott, Assaf Ben-David and Dane Madsen on the subject.

I personally feel that for any startup, profitability must be the prime focus. Though there are many points to focus on but I will share the two most relevant ones.

The first part is to develop and invest your professional expertise and the required time in 100% so that you don't need a major capital investment. And the second is to develop your product/service as unique and valuable so that the people who need you don't have to focus on the price.

To know more on the subject please visit www.ProfitMentoring.com

Though the functional meaning of MLM is Multi Level Marketing but I feel this as a different expression - Multi Love Marketing - which practically means you focus to love the needs of the people and help them achieve those.

Once your clients are satisfied then they will recommend your name to other people in their circle and that becomes Multi Love Marketing and the chain continues where everyone is focusing to love the needs of others in their circle and is helping them get those fulfilled through your valuable contribution

There is no harm in having several businesses BUT it is wisdom to focus your full energy on the best business out of your lot. Let that focused business give you all the income you need on ongoing basis.

Then you need to develop systems so that business doesn't need your full time attention. And then only focus on the next one and so on. Till then just see that other businesses are just maintained.

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