What are some products or strategies that can help my remote team work more collaboratively in terms of communication and documenting knowledge?


A way that you can help your team is to communicate expectations clearly and early.
This includes team meetings, how you work together, and 1-2-1s with managers to see how everything is going. It’s important that managers or team leaders have clearly communicated with their team what project milestones need to be met and when, what roles everyone has, and how everyone is expected to keep in touch both internally and with clients.

There are now plenty of tools on the market to communicate and work collaborative together, including Slack and Google hangouts for instant messaging, Zoom for video call, and Asana and Click-up for Task / Project management.

I would be happy to talk to you about other ways you can work best with your remote team, and if you wish to talk further, please book a call with me.

Answered 4 months ago

I recommend using a strong KPI system with regular meetings. I have employed this strategy with my clients who have virtual and or hybrid virtual and traditional team. Every client I have implemented this with has seen amazing results in increase productivity and accountability in their teams. I teach this process and manage it for many clients over the past five years.

Answered 4 months ago

Ensure a good team work I must suggest to first coordinate with your employees and workers understand their needs ,their comfort zone where they like to work . Management circulates around only leader and their follower,as an art first analyze your team worker study their behaviour then only come to any result .you will automatically find your answer
For more knowledge
Call me -Sherry nicolus

Answered 4 months ago

Basecamp works for my team. It has a lot of features to keep everything organized.
Not dropping links since the last time I did I was flagged for spamming :D

Answered 4 months ago

The other lovely people here have already mentioned the tools, processes and methods that can help.

I've found in my experience the biggest cause of grief for remote teams is context, or specifically the lack of context. Providing the why and how can help remote teams prioritise work, ask better questions and when forced into making decisions these usually fare better than those of teams without context.

Answered 4 months ago

Having your team set up weekly priorities that you can see and monitor in real time is essential for saving you time and achieving team goals and project deadlines. Running effective meetings with your remote team is also essential for good collaboration. I can help you with my complimentary 5 Point Team Assessment Call. Leaders are finding great value in these calls because I recommend at least one thing you can do to improve team collaboration immediately. Contact me to schedule anytime.

Answered 4 months ago

There are a number of companies that are extremely successful at working fully remotely like InVision or Zapier, and one great thing they share is that they've actually done "manuals" on remote work. Check this out for example: .

One thing many people will tell you is the importance of over-sharing. Try to share as much as possible and have ways of doing it. Besides the typical Slack, Zoom or Trello to work remotely I highly suggest you check out for design teams.

Answered 4 months ago

You might post this question to Experts Exchange also, as many developer there work on large teams every day.

Answered 4 months ago

Other very experienced answerers have offered helpful practical advice, including tools. I will add the one thing I think matters and needs to be understood and communicated before you decide tools and processes: What are your company values? My response is based in over thirty years of watching both remote and local teams struggle profoundly with communication and the documentation of knowledge (which is kind of like the library/archive of those communications). In instances where communication in all its forms (live and as an archive) failed, it was because the team did not know or was not fully bought into the values of the company. In instances where I've seen companies succeed, it's been because all stakeholders were deeply invested in the core values of the enterprise and consciously checked all their actions to ensure they were consistent with those shared and dearly held values. I encourage my C-suite & founder advisees to define their values with their team, share those values in an introduction and ongoingly, and establish a periodic check-in timeline for making sure the people, products and customer experience are aligned with those values. When you have those things in place, you can then check the tools you're considering to determine if they are appropriate for the environment you're nurturing. If you'd like to talk with me about how to find your company's values, communicate them to your team, and established systems to ensure their alignment, please let me know.

Answered 4 months ago

If you're looking for a quick answer in terms of products and strategies, I'd recommend checking into ReWork by Jason Fried, as well as his many interviews on YouTube. He specializes in working remotely with his team and even wrote a book called "Remote";

A book that's proven to be a great resource for me is 5 Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni:

What's great about this book is it's written as a fable and then the applicable strategies are provided in the last part of the book. It's not tailored to working remotely but I'm confident you'll find valuable strategies for your current situation. Highly recommend diving into these resources to get you going. You got this! Brandin

Answered 4 months ago

Good morning,

We currently work in a remote team all over Germany and soon to come Europe.
The tool we can honestly not work without is Microsoft Teams. File sharing, phone calls, chat, anything you can imagine!

Definitely worth a try!

Answered 4 months ago

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