Are you real in your self?

Knowing you more


Interesting question and thanks for asking. Being REAL in yourself is the first step to connect to your subconscious self. Mastering the subconscious self makes your purpose more clear with clarity. Goals are personified and outcome is happiness.

Answered a year ago

Real self = Real selves. You need to understand that humans are naturally adaptive. Just because you don't always behave and communicate the exact same way in every situation in your life doesn't mean you're fake or being someone else.

We all have Multiple identities. For example, role identity, racial identity, work identity, etc. The way we interact and communicate under one identity will be different from others. Finding your genuine self and express that effectively in these various situations is what you can realistically work on.

Answered a year ago

I'll tell you what I am right now -- Real happy I found this question. Thank you to whoever thought to ask it! Few things matter more to me than being real in myself. I struggle with that every day, running that test, or, said another way, asking that question: Am I being real right now? True to myself, not acting on my fears (even if fearful), centered, kind, thoughtful. I work to release my resentments at the end of every day and assess what I can work on tomorrow to be more present (that's what I call "really real," the ability to be present). This is the work I do with founders, C-suite businessfolk, parents struggling to maintain some balance between the realities of work and family life. If you are interested in being more "real in your self," please get in touch.

Answered a year ago

Are you real in yourself? If your wondering if your real in yourself take time to think about what truly makes you happy what truly makes you well you. Take the time to see if you are suppressing your true self with those that you surround yourself with. Sometimes we feel the need to do events with others to find joy in them but when we do things on our own an find joy with our selfs only then can we truly enjoy the company of others. Don’t let anxiety or fear or suppression Captain your life. Be you an Only you know the real you deep down.

Answered 9 months ago

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