I'm a language agent, how do I promote the language courses without having a fancy book on the spot website?

First things first... I totally agree with everyone that has said to you that you don't need an expensive website.
I will tell you that the website is important though, since you will be sending traffic there so that they can buy course, so it has to help you build trust and give the user a good experience.

The first thing you must do is to know who you want to sell it to, you need to have your perfect audience identified. Narrow it as much as you can so you can target it better and position yourself as the go to person for learning that language in that particular market.

Once you have it identified, you need to create several videos (at least 5 in my opinion, but some others might differ, just follow your gut) and in those videos show them how they can accomplish something very specific.

Once you have them it is time to use the power of social networks... post your videos and share them in groups or places where your target market will find them and if you can use paid ads.

After the video just add something like this...
If you like this video and you ave any questions feel free to contact me by clicking the button below and if you would like to learn English so you can go with your family on a wonderful vacation and you can feel safe by knowing exactly what to say and how to understand the basics, visit

In your website just add a video with your course curriculum and explaining why they should join your course.

Just my 2 cents and a big pic overview

Hope it helps and if you want me to give help you further in selling your courses just send me a message and I'll be glad to talk with you.

Have a great day!

Answered 3 years ago

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