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Brutally honest... Just start selling

There are two ways to do this...
With some money to invest - Buy a couple of appliances / machines / products the ones that you most like and think you can sell faster. Yes at the beginning you need to go with your gut and with what you like and enjoy the most... So get yourself in front of a mirror and imagine selling to yourself a particular product.

With no money to invest / or if you just don't want to risk that much - In today's day and age you can just choose some products, download some pictures, create a pdf with the specs and post it on social media.. Invest a couple of $ to make a campaign.

Don't forget to create your perfect client's avatar so you can target those campaigns.

But don't stay there,, those pictures, specifications and documents you have for the campaign print them and go visit restaurants / cafes / bakeries, etc... show them your catalog and give them a special price for ordering in advance. That way you can get some money so you can then buy the products.

Hope this helps and if you need anything else or have some follow up questions, don't be shy and click the button to contact me.

Have a great day

Hi, there are many strategies depending on how your business is doing now, there are many things to take a look into.

But just as a general rule if your business is already in operation I would recommend first to look into your client base and identify your perfect customer and create an avatar. Then focus your marketing efforts on that particular avatar.

Let's say for the sake of the question you have already done that and there's no one else within that segmentation that is going to buy you, you could try marketing a similar audience, but with a different approach, maybe you create campaigns focused on the spouse or the end user not the decision maker or the buyer.
Again for the sake of the question let's say there' no one else in that category then you can expand, try contacting businesses that complement your product, like constructor or designers and create strategic alliances.

We could keep going on forever...

Let me tell you what's really important that you have to do... You are confused because you are operating your business, you are working for your business and instead you need to make your business work for you...

You don't have the time and the energy because your are operating and putting out fires and your mind is not being able to see the big picture.

Take some time, get out of the daily operation so you can start developing strategies that help your business grow.

If you need any help just click the button and contact me

First things first... I totally agree with everyone that has said to you that you don't need an expensive website.
I will tell you that the website is important though, since you will be sending traffic there so that they can buy course, so it has to help you build trust and give the user a good experience.

The first thing you must do is to know who you want to sell it to, you need to have your perfect audience identified. Narrow it as much as you can so you can target it better and position yourself as the go to person for learning that language in that particular market.

Once you have it identified, you need to create several videos (at least 5 in my opinion, but some others might differ, just follow your gut) and in those videos show them how they can accomplish something very specific.

Once you have them it is time to use the power of social networks... post your videos and share them in groups or places where your target market will find them and if you can use paid ads.

After the video just add something like this...
If you like this video and you ave any questions feel free to contact me by clicking the button below and if you would like to learn English so you can go with your family on a wonderful vacation and you can feel safe by knowing exactly what to say and how to understand the basics, visit

In your website just add a video with your course curriculum and explaining why they should join your course.

Just my 2 cents and a big pic overview

Hope it helps and if you want me to give help you further in selling your courses just send me a message and I'll be glad to talk with you.

Have a great day!

Hi, I hope you are doing great!

To answer your specific question on how you can find someone to help you, I would definitely use (you are already at a good start, just change the perspective of the question) you can also look into LinkedIn or Upwork.

Those are the 3 places where I would start... and you might want to frame your question different, something along the lines of...
Are you a specialist on finding markets? Are you a Business Developer? If so, we need to talk...

I created a solution for a common need programmers and Excel users have, if you have expertise in the industry please send me a message so we can talk further...
But please, please don;t try to do it yourself, I've seen many great products that have a lot of potential but have failed because creators don't approach professionals on the field they need help with.

The best of luck on your endeavor


Hi, first let me give you a big applause for wanting to start something, it is not easy and requires guts.

In my experience you should first know what you are good at and what's your passion, if you passion lies in just producing, then start by hiring someone who makes sells. Still I would definitely recommend you to learn how to sell and just go out there and do it.

Don't make the mistake of trying to have everything perfect, all the tools, all the employees, the offices, just go out there start and finish, sell your services and deliver the best result.

From that point forward and once you find yourself in business then think about the structure of the agency.

Keep things simple:
1. Come up with the core product / service
2. Create a system to sell it and deliver the result
3. Once it is running smoothly, make changes and evolve your core.

My best wishes in this adventure

Just be yourself! Even when they are you peers that doesn't mean that you are all the same.

You are unique, be authentic, if you think something is not right say it , raise the voice, dare. Be confident.

I don't know where you work but don't just try to be faster and better, that is simply NOT sustainable. I am not saying you shouldn't strive for excellence, but it is like if every business would try to compete with pricing and in today's world it is about value, your value, what you bring to the table.

By being yourself you will always add that value.

Have a wonderful day and I hope you get where you want to :)

Hi, I hope you are doing great!

First of all congratulations on your software development and your two successful beta clients.

I've been fortunate enough to develop some software too and help some solopreneurs pass the barrier from a couple of clients to scale.

You may already know that there are different ways for you to monetize your software, sell it, license it, charge an installation fee and a per user monthly or yearly fee, etc…

Now let’s say your software’s business model is to charge an installation and a monthly per user fee. If your two successful beta clients are big companies where they have let’s say 200 users each and they have been using your solution for more than 4 months, then I agree with you, you might be able to scale and I would gladly help you create a strategy to scale it.
However if your business model is the same and you have had only 2 successful beta tester with less than less users, I would probably wait to have more successful beta testers until you have a representative sample of the market you want to reach.
As per the idea or mantra you want to have control, there are many ways to accomplish this but you have to align it with the business model you define, that’s the baseline.

If you feel this answer was useful for you please upvote it and I’ll be glad to bounce some ideas regarding your issue, just contact me and we can also figure out a free clarity session.

Have a great day!

Hi, I hope you are doing great!

With that number of visitors, engagement and time spent in the site I am sure you are delivering great value to your readers/followers.

My first advice will be to keep thinking about delivering value. I've known some people that when they want to start monetizing their mindset changes and in the long run it is not sustainable, so keep adding value to your readers.

I don't know how long you've been having this engagement in your site, but the first thing I would do is find sponsors, businesses that want to target your readers and charge a fee to advertise in your site that way your readers won't feel that from one day to another you want to get their money.

In the meantime, if you still don't have it, add a sign up form in a pop-up, in the side bar and at the bottom of each post so you can convert Visitors/readers into subscribers.

I would definitely NOT enter the affiliate world, rather start creating a online course. Learn everything you can about your visitors/readers/subscribers, their wants and needs, their challenges and then help them solve it with a course.

I hope this helps you get started.

And don't forget, Keep Adding Value :)

If you feel my response was helpful, "Upvote" and if you need any further assistance contact me, I'll be glad to help brainstorm some ideas.

Have a great day



I have been helping business owners grow their business for more than 15 years now, and please allow me to tell you that most of them have no CRM, (LOL)

If you are just starting I advice you to use Microsoft excell (share the file so everyone can update it) or use Google Sheet (you can share it to other collaborators)

Why should I advice you not to get a CRM if you are just starting?
Well, first a software normally makes your own process go nuts, you don't know what you really need and you waste a lot of time trying to adapt to processes that don't even exist.

So first get back to basics, you can even use paper and folders for each prospect and client. This will help you perfect your process and then look for what you really need that will help you automate your process and make it faster so you can go to the next level. (it will also save you some money you can use in your marketing)

If you already have a defined and refined process, make a list of you requirements, what is that you need to make faster, better and then look for those precise characteristics...

I'll be glad to help you move forward, send me a message and we can have a quick chat, no charge and we can start from there...

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Have a great day!

Hi, I hope you are doing great and thanks for your question...

I believe all the answers that you can get here will certainly be of help since is all about referring you places we know to post jobs... so try them all, however for the job position you are seeking try posting a facebook ad... it will be far more affordable and you'll get much more applicants

If you need further help on how to do it, I'll be glad to help you just shoot me a message...

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