I have worked on and I realize that I am stuck iterating on the product instead of just testing the market. I built it for me, but feel that it has commercial viability for many many others. The product aims to create a platform that saves time for the hundreds of Excel users that log into other systems for their data. Its a pretty good version 1 -

Hi, I hope you are doing great!

To answer your specific question on how you can find someone to help you, I would definitely use (you are already at a good start, just change the perspective of the question) you can also look into LinkedIn or Upwork.

Those are the 3 places where I would start... and you might want to frame your question different, something along the lines of...
Are you a specialist on finding markets? Are you a Business Developer? If so, we need to talk...

I created a solution for a common need programmers and Excel users have, if you have expertise in the industry please send me a message so we can talk further...
But please, please don;t try to do it yourself, I've seen many great products that have a lot of potential but have failed because creators don't approach professionals on the field they need help with.

The best of luck on your endeavor


Answered 3 years ago

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