I am working alone for my startup and i do have customers through lead generation companies but have to convince them to buy my packages for that i am learning sales techniques. Do i need to hire sales person at starting stage i don't have proper fund as well to pay him month by month

If hiring salesperson can help to close the deals, then I would find ways to do this. Before this, you want to check answers to below questions.
1) Are you able to close the deals without any support?
2) If 1 is Yes, are you having sufficient bandwidth to close the current pipeline?
3) If 1 in No, then you find the salesperson who can help you.
4) You want to do the calculation on sales pipeline and see the overall business opportunity and likely money you need to spend. You can always do scenarios like optimistic & Practical.
5) You might get somebody do this part-time as well if you find the ways.
6) If you don't require face to face meeting, the task could be much easier.

Feel free to reach out if you have any more questions.

Answered a year ago

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