What is the best and most effective way to receive funding for my non-profit?

I wouldn't be generating any income, so I couldn't pay back a loan.


It sounds like your non-profit is in the early stages, so it's probably as rich in vision and mission as it is poor in cash. That's a great start.
Now take that vision and mission and sell it to family, friends, colleagues and strangers. Open with what need exists, follow with what you're doing to fulfill that need and what's driving you and close with an appeal for $.
Once you're more established and have outcomes, there are other sources, but as you get rolling, it's all about selling that vision and mission.
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Answered 6 years ago

The vast majority of donations are provided by individuals, not corporations or foundations. The best approach to building a base has to begin with your personal relationships; if your cause is worth funding, ask everyone you know to support it. If you’re embarrassed to ask your friends and family to support you... it’s going to be impossible to get funding from strangers.

The most effective way to build a nonprofits’ revenues is through recurring (monthly) giving. Set this up from the beginning to train your donors to consider you a part of their monthly budget. This will increase their overall annual support and decrease lapse rate.

Best of luck to you!

Answered 5 years ago

Charging a fee for products provided or services rendered is an income option for you if they are things your non-profit offers. This a two-for-one option in that it blends marketing with funding for your non-profit.
It is built upon a partnership between your non-profit and a for-profit/business where your organizations team up to raise money for your cause. Follow the example of Kmart’s campaign with St. Jude Children’s Hospital, which encouraged customers to make a donation when they reached the register and take note of Uber and No Kid Hungry’s campaign called Share Our Strength, which gave Uber riders an opportunity to make a $5 donation to feed children in need. Through their sponsorship, your non-profit can gain in-kind donations and gifts such as furniture, office equipment, marketing advice, or website development support, to name a few. In exchange for their sponsorship, your non-profit can offer them a number of ways to show that their business has been giving you support such as putting their logo on your website, displaying their logo at your events through banners or on t-shirts, or giving them an honourable mention on your blog and social media platforms.
There may be an opportunity to get some assistance with an aspect of your non-profit from an expert at a low cost, such as marketing advice from a consultant or fundraising help from an event planner. If planned and executed well, corporations are usually willing to contribute funding to your event and your non-profit can not only benefit from the manpower but also gain new supporters to your cause. If your non-profit rescues dogs, for example, local food businesses or pet stores may donate dog food or collars as opposed to cash. Keep in mind that securing grants for your non-profit can be a lengthy and stressful process and it is not guaranteed every year.
The most recognized of this would be United Way, who has done programs such as partnering with the NFL to promote health and awareness for children and working with FamilyWize Community Service Partnership to give medicine to those who cannot afford it. It is its own entity with its own governing body of private donors who make the final decision in giving. Donations. With all the various income options available to your non-profit, donations still reign king in bringing revenue to your organization.
Donors are now easier to access through modern technology, making monthly giving and peer-to-peer fundraising more efficient. With individual donations making up over 70% of revenue in non-profits, the ante has now been upped with the evolution of online giving, which has made it easier to not only attract donors, but enable them with an even easier way to give. When considering what donation platform would be the most useful to you, we recommend steering away from a platform like PayPal, which may not be as suited for your non-profit as it is more business/for-profit based. We recommend Giving Fuel, as it allows for custom branding, is free for the first $5,000 you collect, and was constructed specifically for non-profits.

Fundraising. Just like donations, fundraising plays one of the largest parts in funding your non-profit. It is a tried and true option that can bring in new donors and supporters for your cause, build mailing lists, and help your non-profit gain exposure. Fundraisers, as with most things within your non-profit, will take time, planning, and a lot of work.

So when organizing your fundraising events be sure to utilize your connections with local businesses and other like-minded organizations, start your planning early, and be sure that those in charge are ready and willing to take the event head on. Learn how we can help you get the most out of the Google Grant program.
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Answered 4 years ago

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