How can I better market my services?

I have gained experience and skills to create Enterprise Date Warehouses (end-to-end) using Microsoft Technologies. SSAS & SSIS assets to the market.


Sounds like you have a potential solution to offer to the marketplace. Or is it a service that clients can plug into existing processes?
It's great that you've developed the requisitie experience and skills, but whether you're offering a solution or service, you now need to spin your thinking around:
* Who is using this technology currently?
* What are the headaches those users experience while using this technology?
* How does your solution or service resolve those headaches?
* Are users willing to pay to resolve those headaches?
* What will it take to get users to switch from their current solution or service to your solution or service?
If you don't do this legwork in the marketplace to identify existing issues, challenges and headaches, there's a high likelihood your solution or service will fall flat.
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Answered 6 years ago

You have to think about how to differentiate yourself better. Stating SSAS and SSIS does not do that, and it does not explain the value, you create.

Selling Data Warehouses is often a hard sell, as it usually is expensive, and the customer does not understand the value, you create; management always get their answers even it means some poor controller has to work late to transform a csv-dump from somewhere into actionable knowledge.

Define the business problems, you solve; what are your use cases? And sexify your delivery by doing mockups in a nice frontend tool. Businesses buy from the looks of your output - not from the design of your data model (unless you sell to IT people). And try to combine your technologies into products, that companies buy off the shelf. Again - you’re selling the output, and people don’t want to understand the technology, if they can avoid it. (Unlike IT, where they will ask about maintenance, scalability, etc. So make sure you cover that too).

To get started, do some maintenance work with existing applications on a consulting basis to understand customer needs and make a bit of money.

Good luck! Feel free to set up a call, if you want to discuss things further.

Answered 6 years ago

Enhancing your service marketing involves various strategies. First, establish a professional online presence by creating a website and utilizing LinkedIn. Highlight your successes through case studies and client testimonials. Share valuable insights in your field through articles and trends, optimizing online content for improved visibility. Connect with the data community through forums and social media platforms to expand your network. Encourage satisfied clients to provide reviews, building trust and credibility. Clearly define your specialized services for a concise message. Attend relevant events and collaborate with others for increased opportunities. Stay updated on the latest industry trends and continuously improve your skills. Showcase your expertise by conducting webinars or workshops to share knowledge with your audience.

Answered 5 months ago

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