We are a producer of a device that was designed to neutralize/harmonize the negative effects of electromagnetic radiation (EMR/EMF) on the human body. Since 2011 we sold more than 19.000 units (average price was $520), mostly in EU and now we would like to enter the US market. We are looking for the right strategy (big partners and networks, or affiliates) on how to enter the US market as in EU we have hundreds of small distributors, healing centers, etc.

Setup a content rich blog about the tech.

Monetize via on page ads selling your device.

Buy traffic from Gemini + Outbrain + Taboola to your site.

Also, buy display ads through Taboola + other Ad Networks to place on sites to sell your product.

Build a mailing list of opt-ins off your site.

Use retargeting pixels to stalk people who visit your site.

Answered 4 years ago

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