I am a manufacturer of desiccated coconut from India, I am planning to export. What kind of marketing strategy should I follow to get buyers?


Sounds cool. Not clear on your target export markets, but some things to consider:
1. Identify your optimal customer and the problem you're resolving for that customer. Quality? Cost? Availability?
2. Research the pathways your product has to get into that optimal customer's hands. Wholesalers/distributors exist across the food business (at least in the US), so they would be a must for this market. Furthermore, how does the end-buyer actually purchase goods like yours? There will be differences between a retail buyer and an institutional buyer.
3. Develop a promotional plan for each of those targeted audiences based on standard approaches, which might include trade shows, personal pitches, in-store demonstrations.
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Answered 6 years ago

Well to have such a Strategy you should first identify your potential markets and customers. Including what kind of businesses do you target. Depending on who they are and where you can start by exploring how direct or indirect competition operates on that market. Don’t forget about post Marketing preoaration for talks with the potential buyers.

Answered 5 years ago

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