Have you achieved passive income on any online platforms like Fiverr?

Have you been able to achieve that through an online platform?


Fiverr is fine as a lead generator, in some cases.

And far better to us a standard model of creating an Authority Blog or Podcast around your topic.

You'll work far less via Blog/Podcast + have far higher income, than trying to use Fiverr as a revenue generator.

You're welcome to book a call with me + I can walk through my experiences with different monetization approaches... as each niche + your expertise level + what you're offering (product, service, info) has to be considered.

Also your entire funnel, including continuity system.

Also your personality style (introvert/extrovert).

Also your Lifestyle requirements - hours/week work, monthly profit, health, happiness.

Many factors come into play designing your money flow.

I've been freelancing + running various businesses since 1974 + having a match on the above factors will have a far higher likelihood of success, than having many mismatches.

Answered 3 years ago

Fiverr is not for passive income. Affiliate marketing and informational products which are sold online fall into passive income.

Also, big email lists through which you can earn passive income.

If you are looking for passive income then do some study about affiliate marketing or talk to some consultant for an hour to understanding setting up websites, joining networks, adding products, SEO, SEM, SMM and PPC.

Answered 3 years ago

Yes, On my initial days, I used to be Freelancer programmer. i have earned enough money to pay my internet bills and other expenses on my own. starting is tough, but once you get projects its always helpful. :)

Answered 3 years ago

Yes, actually I have developed a complete business out of this (my very first venture).

In my opinion, If you have good skill in any particular area you can try this out. Few points to take into considerations :

- Competitions : For a beginners, there are huge competitions so my suggestions is to have passion and as a fresher have openness to work on lower rate. (Reason it will help you to prove yourself and get client feedbacks)
- Profile is Everything : Focus on get client’s positive feedback for your services, complete your profile 100%.
- Be Honest : If you think you can satisfy customer requirements accept it, another it’s better to pass the job.

I spend 2-3 years on these kind of platform and were in Top 2-3 among all others services providers (worldwide).

Answered 3 years ago

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