How do you find B2B emails for campaign and lead generation?

Do you know any trusted, effective and reliable sources- someone who's cheap, quick and accurate? I am asking this because we have built something that can process tons of emails at an unimaginable rate with min 95% delivery guarantee- everything automatic.


One way to do this would be to BUY emails from a B2B database service such as Adenzo. There are also FREE alternatives such as ContactCloud (formerly Elucify) which give you up to 100 free emails a week before asking you to pay for more.

Otherwise, LINKEDIN is a fantastic (free) source of emails as it is home to over 500 million professionals (many of whom are B2B decision makers) and they often put their contact details on their profile.

You could either get the emails MANUALLY (by searching for a contact, going on their page, copying & pasting down their email when you find it) as many times as you need to to build a decent-sized mailing list. OR, you could do this with Linkedin AUTOMATION tools which will automatically visits hundreds of pages a day and retrieve the contact emails.

If you need help with this, please do set up a call with me via to talk further about mining contact emails from Linkedin with automation.

Jonny Rose
Linkedin Coach (Win At LinkedIn)

Answered 6 years ago

@Jonny, you understood my question in a different direction or may be, my explanation was not clear.

Anyways, a brief on our product.

If you understand the email space, then you should be aware of the biggest industry challenge-accept_all mail servers. So, essentially, our platform is developed based on latest big data and advanced machine learning algorithms and performs the following functions:

1. Identifies if a mail server is accept_all or not. As you know, the number of accept_all servers is increasing with every passing day and for successful campaign result, this is an important consideration. So, once the system identifies a server as accept_all, it tries to find most prevalent business email patterns for a given domain and creates email ids, thereby increasing the chances of reaching the recipient inbox by at least 50%.

2. The system can verify any old / current email list internally created or bought from any third party vendor, ensuring lower bounce rate.

3. It can help you to find business emails of your contacts if provided with company or domain name.

4. It can also find executives for any given domain / company with business emails.

5. For any given industry / location / titles, the system can give you desired contacts with work emails.

6. Lastly, for any given email id, the system can provide you with a web source, if found to ensure confidence before running your campaign.

Thoughts ???

Answered 6 years ago

Sorry, but you're asking for the near impossible. As it goes - you want it cheap, fast and done right, but you can only pick TWO. Figure out which of those three you can live without (low cost, quickness or accuracy). Sorry, but in my 25 years experience, I've yet to meet a single company or individual who can deliver all three.

Answered 6 years ago

Hi Sharique,

The system you describe sounds very similar to (and similar tools). I happen to be a user of Find That Lead and it works really well. Of course, it needs a target to ideally have a company email rather than a Gmail, Yahoo, etc email. It's great for verifying target emails.

It sounds like you want to use your tool to verify mass lists. I think that would be useful for data brokers and services that maintain large industry-wide lists like Agency Access, and other direct media databases.

That is where I would start. Look for companies that compile these lists and offer to test your product using their source lists. If they are happy with the results, you can then sell them ongoing access.

Answered 6 years ago

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