What is the best way (using Infusionsoft and WooCommerce) to make incredibly specified automated emails based on customers specific item purchases?

Example: Customer X purchases a pro scraper from our shop, but no blades or other necessary items. We want to be able to have an automated email list that suggests, in essence, "You purchased a pro scraper, now buy the blades that you'll need!" But Customer Y purchases both the pro scraper AND the blades, we don't want to send them an email suggesting they buy blades because they already did, but we want to send them other customized content, bypassing the blade purchase suggestion email, their tailored email segment would contain links to our blogs about how to use the pro scraper and maybe in six months, a reminder email that their blades will need replacing soon. I hope this example made sense. I look forward to possible solutions from you wonderful, helpful people!


Neither InfusionSoft or WooCommerce really does this.

Likely best to write a WordPress plugin, which runs periodically (WordPress CRON job), which analyzes what people have purchased + send them fast expiration coupons for additional purchases.

You could go one step further + have a logic tree in each email, which moved each client to different points in a funnel or into completely unique funnels, depending on purchase history + links they click in email.

Likely this will be custom code.

Answered 6 years ago

You should purchase a plugin called InfusedWoo - it makes integration between WooComerce and Infusionsoft seamless.

Answered 6 years ago

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