How are peer to peer marketplaces like Spinlister dealing with general liability insurance and liability insurance for their users?

Is it hard to get insurance for this type of platform? How do they cover themselves and their users?


Wow. This is a tough one.

If I found myself in possession of a business like this, I'd likely create an IDC domiciled in non-US jurisdiction.

Then look for insurance for the non-US company.

My guess... insurance rates will be far less this way.

Answered 6 years ago

Spinlister has assured listed objects. Inside the occasion of robbery, harm, or loss, the trip is blanketed by way of the renter as exact inside the renters’ agreement. However, if the ride is broken or stolen for the duration of a rental duration and the renter is unable to reimburse the honest cost of the trip, Spinlister will self-insure and cover the price as much as the market cost primarily based on the journey type and place. The Spinlister guarantee software is not insurance and does now not update the property owner’s or renter’s insurance. The assure does not cover renters, who are accountable for any damage or theft that took place during their rental. But, renters can purchase theft or damage safety for their bookings.

In July 2014, Spinlister doubled its guarantee to cover motorcycles as much as $10,000. Insurance consists of customers inside the US, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Portugal, France, Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Japan, New Zealand, and Australia.

The Spinlister Guarantee Program
Bikes: As much as $10,000 listed in the united states of America, Canada, Germany, united kingdom, Eire, Spain, Italy, Portugal, France, Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, New Zealand, and Australia.

Surfboard & Stand Up Paddleboards (SUP): As much as $2,000 listed everywhere round the world.

Skis & Snowboards: Up to $1,000 indexed everywhere round the world.

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