How important is understanding your customer demo (gender, age, race) to retail operators?

I'm working to validate a retail software/hardware idea. We think that facial recognition technology and AI could help with customer loyalty and operations, but want to understand the pain points better. Any feedback would be appreciated.


It seems you're asking two different questions:

1. What is the importance of demographics?

2. What are the pain points in building facial recognition into a retail transaction?

To answer the first, demographics inform what products are being sold, who gets what promotion, what to start and stop carrying, and more in retail. The degree to which a retail shop pays attention to its clientele is directly related to those decisions and thus to its success.

To answer the second, you will need to deal with the legal ramifications of facial recognition technology, and once you've handled that, you'll need to deal with the range of reactions you'll get from customers who will need to know they're being recognized--not by humans but by robots. I'd say the second issue is the most important one to consider as you shape the technology and how it will be used.

Answered 6 years ago

Understanding demographics is key. It's the only way to build personas and profiles.

Answered 7 years ago

Adding to Shakirah's answer:

And to build your client demographics, start with the problem you are solving. What is the problem, who experiences it and why. That will start to dictate who your client is, and from there you can determine your client demographics.

Answered 6 years ago

As an African-American myself I would tell you that demographics has always been an issue for business. If were honest with ourselves the focus of many retail operators still tends to be white America. Most retail companies don't even think about demographics until they have an issue of demographics slapping them in the face. This tends to lead to short-sighted and poorly thought-out solutions to appease for he moment. Which when critically dissected a little further generally exposes offensive actions to whatever demo you are trying to reach. I would advise that you address your needs and tailor them to ever demographic possible.

Answered 6 years ago

Hope it's not too late for the reply but just saw this question & couldn't see any answers so hope the below answer would help.

Being in retail for more than 13 years , i m sure AI& Facial recognition is going to play a huge role in retail operations & Customer Loyalty programs. Below would be some of the pain areas.

1. Current loyalty programs are not able to cater to self actualisation needs of customers visiting online or Offline stores since in Offline stores due to frequent change in staff very few are able to recognise the loyal customers & Online space is struggling for such a technology at the first go.

2. With all the hue & cry around Data Privacy , Collection of personal info like Biometrics specifically in Offline space would be a challenge.

3.Currently in the Offline space Identification of a Loyal customer happens majorly around the finalisation of the sale/closing of sale, that's when customers share their card no's / Mobile no's etc.

4. Assortment offering/planning specifically in Fashion retail can improve since customised assortments according to the purchase history & demographics of customers.

5. In skin care space it's very tough to show the difference because of treatments over a period of time, this tech can come in handy there.

There are multiple more pain areas like that & opportunities wherein Facial Recognition can come in very handy , to discuss & understand further you can give me a call.

Answered 6 years ago

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Answered 6 years ago

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