How can I find free users for app testing?

After a year of development, we have built couple of B2B apps that can help professionals in sales and marketing segment. Although the app is in MVP stage with internal testing in progress, I wish to get some free users so that we have a robust and complete tool. I need advice from experts on the following: 1. How do I get these free users? 2. How many free users should I target at this stage? 3. What offers/benefits/limits/credits I can give them so as to make them interested? 4. For how long should access to free users given? 4. Any other issues which I should consider at this stage?


Hi! First of all i recommend to pitch your product to a community that represents your market , then give them free access to basic features that will complete most common scenarios and create premium features that will convert happy customers to paid users.

I'd be happy to talk further with you about setting up market adoption of your product if you'd like to give me a call sometime

Answered 6 years ago

Give talks to groups where your target users attend + slow pitch your App as better than sliced bread in a no-pitch sort of way.

Reread how Tom Sawyer got people to whitewash his fence for him.

True salesmanship in action.

Answered 6 years ago

If you are finding it hard to get access to local users of the community, you would have to resort to paid options online.

Some websites that offer user testing are:

Answered 5 years ago

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