What are the top 3 sales training/books you have ever consumed?


First you have to understand what STYLE of selling you're looking for. A book for one style may be great for me, but you'll think it's weak and ineffective.

Two main distinctions are the "hardcore closer" (traditional) approach versus the "consultative" (more modern) approach. One appeals to an individual while the other does not.

Many people are unaware of anything under than the fast-talking, bombastic style of selling made popular by movies and television, however; it took me 10 years in the professional world to even figure out the right question to ask ("IS there another style of selling?"). Once you understand which style of selling you want to learn or expand on, then you can choose appropriate books or courses.

There is little point in giving SPIN Selling to a Hopkins devotee. And The Challenger Sale will fall on deaf ears to those who are desperate to not be seen as "pushy."

Answered 7 years ago

Stephan Schiffman's Cold Calling Techniques is one of the most practical sales books I've read. He has written many others, too.

Dan Pink's To Sell is Human is excellent, too. It takes a non-traditional look at selling and helps understand some of its psychology.

Beyond that, I don't have a lot of specifics. There are many sales methodologies out there, and you should use one. It's not important which one you use -- just that you do adopt one.

Answered 7 years ago

Hello! I get this question a lot actually and I have formulated a decent answer for it.
Considering what a good training book depends heavily on your current stage in both personal and professional life. There are many books that aren't even closely related to sales or business yet if you're mindset is ready to appreciate discrete learning lessons you can take away a lot from even books like Ender's Shadow - which are great on their own merit. I am a digital marketing strategist for and do actually read a lot - I have personally curated a book of my top business and sales books - pick any of those and I can guarantee you that you will be learning a lot and have a real edge on competitors.

Answered 7 years ago

Great question, and one I frequently get asked. Here they are:

1. Predictable Revenue by Aaron Ross - this book will show you step-by-step how to build a modern revenue machine. A great book for those who love process.

2. The Challenger Sale by Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson - explains differences between top-performing salespeople and how to win deals in a customer-empowered world.

3. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill - more a success book than a sales book, but I've found key learnings in this book that have helped me grow as a sales leader. Hill interviewed the most successful people in the early 1900s and compiled interesting tidbits about what made them successful.

Answered 6 years ago

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