Can a Delaware public benefit corporation operate in North Carolina as a foreign corporation?

What implications exist in NC as a Delaware PBC? I'm starting a business and we'll operate exclusively in North Carolina. I know North Carolina doesn't recognize PBCs. I'm curious what the implications are if I organize as a Delaware PBC and operate in NC.


This is really a question for you NC tax preparer + NC attorney.

There may be NC tax implications.

Likely no legal implications.

Only your local professionals will likely be up to complete speed about all this.

Also I'd suggest you stick with H&R Block for your taxes, as they have an intense training program all their preparers must continually go through. Many years, they must go through multiple times.

This will be essential with the new tax bill being floated, as answers to your questions today, may change after new tax bill goes through.

Answered 7 years ago

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