Hoshin Kanri is a tool that allows you to drive a management style that is inclusive and yet focused on results. Hoshin Kanri enables you to assess and align mission with strategies, objectives, goals and actions. There are four phases of Hoshin Kanri Mission Vs Strategies, Strategies Vs Objectives, Objectives Vs Goals and Goals Vs Actions.

You can use Hoshin Kanri for performance evaluation of the organization by aligning it with the performance of employees to keep everyone focused on meeting the organization's goals because Hoshin Kanri is not only a strategy deployment tool but something that creates a catch ball environment for linking top management with executive management and with employees and translates plans in to actions.

I will advise you to use Hoshin Kanri technique for following an inclusive management style with focus on results. It will allow you to get everyone, from top management to employees, on board and to set strategic goals and actions with consensus and to hold everyone responsible for their actions and responsibilities within the organization.

You can adopt this practice to set your goals and track the progress of your organization with regard to goals and strategies on monthly, quarterly or annual basis.

You should keep in mind that people perform best when they have a purpose. When they understand not just what to do but why it’s important. One of the benefits of Hoshin Kanri is that it can help to create that purpose; providing focus and drive towards specific and important goals.

So, it’s worth putting some effort into creating a shared vision of the strategic plan and associated tactics. Make sure as many employees as possible are given an opportunity to understand why the strategic goals are important and how the tactics and operational details support those goals.

Answered 5 years ago

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