Is there a market matching speakers/educators with conference organizers?

I want to appear at more live events to speak and do training workshops but I don't have the time to organize them. Is there an easy way to find organizers who may want to hire me or partner with me to attend such events?


Best to start with your target outcome.

Is your target to generate more income or prestige or just contribute.

Start with your target + work backward.

Also, niche/topic of your training is important.

For example, if your topic relates to (or can be related to) WordPress, then you can go on the WordCamp circuit + you're done for life.

I've been speaking live... geez... my first live talk was in 1974...

The way I go about this is using Meetup + targeting other conferences, in my niches - LAMP Stacks + LXD + High Speed WordPress Hosting + Super Foods.

Fill out speaker proposals, till you book a few speaking Gigs + then you can easily speak at the same Gigs (conferences) in the future + as time goes by, you're ability to write speaker proposals that get you booked will refine + become far more productive.

Tip: Speak for free. Monetize on the backend.

In other words, use the Dan Kennedy model, where I spoke on the road for one year (1994, as I recall) + the result was a company generating $1Ms/year every year thereafter.

Answered 7 years ago

There are a number of sources that do just this. Off the top of my head, I know of:

1. National Speakers Bureau-
2. National Speakers Association (NSA)-
4. eSpeakers -
5. LinkedIn

There are many, many more.

If you'd like help marketing yourself, please let me know. I'd be happy to discuss a strategy.


Answered 7 years ago

To find engagements, there are many ways.
1) search these websites

*There are other places to look based on industry like if you're a college Speaker or not.

2) search Facebook and LinkedIn for #CallForSpeakers and #CallForPresenters. Look at the posts and connect with the organizers. In the post will most likely be a website to apply.

I have written an entire guide on how to get booked on stages and on podcasts, including how to get booked for a TEDx. if you have any questions, let's book a call.

Answered 5 years ago

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