Which is better - Yodlee or Plaid?

For those that are fintech experts, would you recommend Yodlee or Plaid for financial applications with account aggregation and personal finance recommendations? Does one make more sense in certain situations and if so, why?


PayTrust or PayPal provide payment systems + enough documentation to use for taxes + reporting.

Also, they both just work... all the time...

Answered 7 years ago

I say use plaid. They work well with banks and seem to be a standard for this type of thing.

Answered 5 years ago

Considering the number of financial APIs present in the market today, it is especially important to recognize what we are exactly looking for. The important factors to consider while choosing an API include functionalities, services, and pricing. Developers around the world integrate these API’s to their financial applications to make their work easy and efficient by extracting high-quality data. Developers look for certain functionalities while choosing an API. These API’s also target some selected markets based on the functionalities they provide. Three of the most talked financial API companies present in the market today are compared in this article. They include Bay area start-ups gaining momentum based on the demand these financial applications generate nowadays. Plaid offers two API products for the current market. Plaid AUTH and Plaid CONNECT are the current Plaid offerings. Xignite, founded in 2006 is another fast-growing company that provides financial market data and financial web services. Yodlee is the most matured company out of the three. Yodlee was established in 1999 and powers financial applications for 99% banks in the US.

Yodlee enjoys direct access to banking data, whereas other APIs rely on extracting data from banking websites. Yodlee also offers two APIs for the finance market. Xignite has captured the hot and trending cloud technology sector that can help them grow in the coming years. Plaid is still in private beta phase and email requesting access needs to be sent to gain access. Yodlee is the leading API provider for financial institutions but it needs to innovate and adapt to ongoing changes in the digital finance industry to avoid stagnation.
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Answered 4 years ago

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