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Meetup Group Construction Kit

which explains how to abuse for pleasure + profit.

Answered 7 years ago

Instead of trying to attract to your website using SEO, social media etc find out where lots of your target audience are spending time (ie. YouTube/Quora) and market to them there.

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Rob Stephens

Answered 7 years ago

Hack LinkedIn to Find Out Who Visits Your Site


Wouldn't it be great if you would know exactly who is visiting your website? Well, with this sneaky LinkedIn hack you can do just that. Then, once you know this you can connect with them on LinkedIn and get in touch directly with them.

1. Sign up for a LinkedIn Premium account (if you haven’t
already). You can just get the entry level package here – it’s
just so you can view who’s viewed your profile.

2. Go to your website and add the following code within the
<body> and </body> tags of the page(s) you wish to track
visitors on:
gB&authType=name&id=XXXXX" />
You will just need to replace the XXXXX with your LinkedIn
user ID. You can find this by logging into LinkedIn, clicking
the Profile button and then taking the numerical code from
the page URL that directly follows the text ‘profile/view?id=’.

3. After a few days, go back into your LinkedIn account and
click on the section to view who’s looked at your profile.

4. Go through the list and start building individual
relationships with your web visitors through the LinkedIn

Answered 7 years ago

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