In my class we are 45 . In that 40 students order online paper . I like to improve my m,arks.The academic marks are very important in student’s friend told internet have best custom essay writing service <a href="">professional custom writing service </a>

The short answer is, "They seek short-term satisfaction and ignore the long-term consequences."

Plagiarism may not be illegal in one's country, though it can mean the end of one's academic pursuits or any hopes of maintaining a career in journalism (go to for additional details). Also, being caught using another person's work without giving due credit could expose one to internet ridicule.

A student's best bet would be to either find a trusted friend with a knack for writing or hire an established writer to provide proofreading services and useful writing techniques.

If you or your fellow students are interested in a less risky and more beneficial alternative to plagiarism, I would be happy to provide guidance for crafting well-written papers in English.

Answered 3 years ago

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