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* 15 years of experience with software testing
* 3 years of experience with automated testing
* 25 years (off and on) with both fiction and non-fiction writing
* Significant real-life experiences to provide insight and humor to difficult or controversial topics

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I've been using Webroot SecureAnywhere for about a year now. Before that, I used ESET Antiviral software for several years.

Please feel free to contact me if this qualifies me for your report.

It depends on the age of the students and the safety of the neighborhoods involved. For example, it would not be wise to have kindergartners handling smart phones.

If you could provide additional information, I could give you a more educated answer.

Unfortunately, the question lacks details to provide a substantial answer. I can't help but respond to this question with questions of my own:

- In a general sense, what need does your app fulfill?
- What properties distinguish your app from the free apps?
- Does your app process Personally Identifiable Information?
- Have you performed a risk analysis on your app?
- How much are you willing to spend on testing your app?

I could provide you with information that would assist your testing effort if you could provide additional information. Please consider calling me. Failing that, attempt to rephrase the question, including some non-revealing details.

The short answer is, "They seek short-term satisfaction and ignore the long-term consequences."

Plagiarism may not be illegal in one's country, though it can mean the end of one's academic pursuits or any hopes of maintaining a career in journalism (go to for additional details). Also, being caught using another person's work without giving due credit could expose one to internet ridicule.

A student's best bet would be to either find a trusted friend with a knack for writing or hire an established writer to provide proofreading services and useful writing techniques.

If you or your fellow students are interested in a less risky and more beneficial alternative to plagiarism, I would be happy to provide guidance for crafting well-written papers in English.

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