I thought about getting a VA for 1 month or a cold caller. Any other ideas?

Cold calling is an ok approach I guess, but doesn't feel like the sort of thing a relationship coach should do... shouldn't a relationship coach think about existing relationships first?

I've always found that coaches seem to always start in their previous businesses first... knowledge of how the business operates certainly can help shape knowledge of how relationship coaching should work. From there you can then find 'lookalike' audiences and companies which you can offer your services too.

Perhaps also try to find a platform that feels unique - Snapchat maybe, Instagram Stories also. The other suggestion of Tinder is pretty amusing...!

So strategy would be...
- family
- friends
- previous workplaces
- lookalike workplaces
- lookalike industries

You can then have your chosen social media platform running alongside it.

Good luck. Matt

Answered 3 years ago

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