What would be the best way to get clients as a relationship coach?

I thought about getting a VA for 1 month or a cold caller. Any other ideas?


Make a Tinder profile and put your contact info in there. Even though the people there aren't currently in a relationship, a decent amount could probably make use of relationship advice.

Do the first consultation free to learn about what their problems are (you could post a pro-bono Clarity link on your Tinder profile), and give them some basic pointers on that first call to try out. If they work they'll tell their friends about you, and they'll call you back for follow up advice after their first date, and you might even get press if someone in the press notices, since it would be kind of a fun story.

Answered 7 years ago

Yep, buy a copy of Alex Carrol's Publicity course.

Be sure to also purchase a copy of his radio show database, which contains all the shows that reach 100,000+ audiences.

Then stay at home + spend $0 + do radio interviews till you have more client than you can handle.

Answered 7 years ago

I think you are still too early before committing to hiring a VA or cold calling. I read the other responses and I think they were good ideas, but again - you are still too early, let me explain.
My first thought was that if you are asking whether or not to hire due to needing clients, was that it showed lack of clarity and focus still which as an experienced marketer, I run a hybrid global marketing agency, tells me that you are still trying to also figure out who your best potential clients can be. You may be even still creating/solidifying your actual product delivery.
Create a buyer persona and buyer journey profile, pair/match that persona with your services/core expertise. Then go to work on reaching them...
For context -
As a business owner, professional coach you will have generally 3 steps:

Step 1:
Find the perfect fit for your expertise to the need by considering these factors:
a) Customer Pain
b) Customer Pleasure Goals
c) Labor Based Solution
d) Information Based Solution
** Find the right marriage for the pain customer is trying to solve such as divorce, but would they also love to have maybe a stronger marriage instead of just surviving? or bounce back harder? with a hotter/better soulmate? combine the problem with their end optimal goal (if anything it helps for marketing purposes to use as hook for attention on an ad or post, article headline, etc)
** Then decide if you will be providing a labor based, done for you, approach or an informational approach - how you can implement better with my guidance approach.
The most profitable solutions tend to merge both the information and labor aspect.

Step 2: Create the right tools needed to be able to address the questions that a prospect client will have for you - create landing pages, Clarity, Facebook groups, be a guest blogger/speaker with another authority in your field and begin a branded relationship that way, create videos and write articles that are relevant to your topic but are not your exact topic - as to cast a wider net of exposure, indirectly...
Essentially: Create a hook --> Develop a Stack --> Screening for best clients
** A stack is typically referred to as the content, answers to the possible questions, a behind the scenes but not complete show of what you do or the tools or process used - enough to give someone the opportunity to understand and appreciate what they would be getting w/o giving it all so they can just go do it themselves- just enough of answers and motivation whether is through email, landing pages, Facebook groups, etc.
on the Screening - you are essentially seeing the best fit for your potential clients to see who is willing to pay what you're worth, while committing 100% to the effort and time needed (this avoids you headaches and sudden loss of income) so that you and the prospect close only when both are comfortable with the process and each other - the best way to do this is through an automated system or hiring a marketing team to help you (biggest reason we get hired is due to lack of expertise and time constraints)

Step 3:
Enrollment - again simply, aim for automation.
Remember to not sell them, nowadays people want to come to buying terms on their own, so we create content that generates leads, we don't sell we lead. - inbound marketing.

Typically, people I coach or small businesses we help are stuck in the first or second phase of their small business. The phases are usually::
Generalist small business:
you start and try to do a lot for whoever wants to hire you because you need money. This is time capped, thus revenue/profit capped.

Specialist Do it For You-er:
someone who may narrow down services and charge a little more.. again capped.

Specialist Consultant: This is actually where me and my Unthink team fall under, Specialist Consultant Group - you narrow your focus, charge flexibly from high to low, but you get hired due to a person but work is done by a team, in some cases this is where someone starts hiring contractors.

Specialist Consultant Suite - This is a different model than the consultant group, not the next step but just an alternate - in your field this is very common. Coaches with enough revenue in place tend to invest in fully automated systems from lead generation all the way to product delivery of a suite, such as a video course or packaged mass produced training product.

You have to try to decide what you want to fall under and build a funnel, following the steps above so that you can have more chances of converting visitors into leads and into loyal customers. Then you use articles, videos, twitter, instagram live, live facebook groups, to drive awareness to yourself, and you drive traffic to your landing hook page or videos, capture contact info, follow up, follow up, ask, etc - so that ouf of 1000k exposures, you may get 200 visits, maybe 50 leads, and out of those maybe 3 or 4 clients - which is a good ROI, believe it or not lol.
If you don't get leads after your first 2k or 3k etc, keep going - get that number to measure off -see how many visits it takes to capture 1 lead. That's your starting point and made modifications to reduce that ratio to 800:1, then 500:1, etc, etc...

Find that gap between where clients are and where they want to be, answer/address those hurdles on your promotional material and content and help them get clarity on how to fix their situation. How to fill that gap.

I hope this is helpful to you, if you find this useful and wish to share it on your blog or other content just please make sure to provide some attribution and give me credit for it. My name is Humberto Valle, I'm the founder and CEO of; a digital marketing team that brings big business tools and expertise to small, growing companies at affordable prices. We're like the Robinhood of marketing. I've been helping individuals and businesses for about 10 years now, if you would like to have a coach be there for you 1:1 don't hesitate to get in touch :) #BestofLuck

Answered 7 years ago

Cold calling is an ok approach I guess, but doesn't feel like the sort of thing a relationship coach should do... shouldn't a relationship coach think about existing relationships first?

I've always found that coaches seem to always start in their previous businesses first... knowledge of how the business operates certainly can help shape knowledge of how relationship coaching should work. From there you can then find 'lookalike' audiences and companies which you can offer your services too.

Perhaps also try to find a platform that feels unique - Snapchat maybe, Instagram Stories also. The other suggestion of Tinder is pretty amusing...!

So strategy would be...
- family
- friends
- previous workplaces
- lookalike workplaces
- lookalike industries

You can then have your chosen social media platform running alongside it.

Good luck. Matt

Answered 7 years ago

I think cold-calling is too impersonal for what you do.

I know a few relationship coaches, and they do really well at face-to-face networking events, and speaking opportunities; even if it’s an event like a meet-up event, or a small local event. Particularly if you have case studies, examples of problems that you can solve, or tips that people could use straightaway in their relationship that would help improve communication, for example; funny and/or relatable stories are key for what you do.

If you’re brave enough, you can do even do facebook lives, on a particular area that you specialise in.

Also, try and look at being a guest on a podcast that is related to what you do, as the listeners are likely to be your target market.

I think this is where you would excel!

Maybe get your VA to help you research these types of opportunities, and help you put together your pitch, to send out.

Good luck, and let me know if you need any other ideas!

Answered 7 years ago

Facebook advertising, social media, deals with pricing , networking, hire a marketer

Answered 5 years ago

Here are some ideas for ways to get clients as a relationship coach:

Build an online presence; create a professional website, optimize it for search, and start blogging about relationship topics. Build social media profiles to share your expertise.

Local networking: Join networking groups in your area, like chambers of commerce, women's organizations, etc., and introduce yourself and your services.

Advertising: Run targeted ads on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, search engines, or local publications and websites. Test different creative ads.

Referrals: Provide great service so your happy clients refer new ones. Offer referral bonuses or discounts.

Workshops or events: Host free relationship workshops to generate interest in your services. Partner with local organizations.

Cold outreach: Craft a compelling outreach email or script and reach out to potential clients like therapists, life coaches, etc.

Content marketing: guest posts on relevant blogs and sites. Record a podcast. Provide value first to attract an audience.

Partnerships: See if local gyms, spas, or boutiques will let you leave flyers or give talks in exchange for a small commission.

Cold calling: If done respectfully, cold calling targeted prospects like divorce lawyers can work. But make it about value, not sales.

Paid ads: Consider using paid ads on platforms like Facebook and Google to boost organic efforts. Test different targets.

Answered 4 months ago

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