Is Udemy the best place for a webinar for game devs, or should I look elsewhere?

I'm wrapping up a webinar on content strategy for indie game developers. It'll be about 45 minutes long, no fancy video editing just me talking over a Powerpoint pretty much. I figured I'd put it up on Udemy and see how it does since my following expressed interest in this topic area and it's a niche no one else seems to have picked up on. But after reading a million horror stories about Udemy, I'm not sure now. The array of webinar/e-course alternatives is also dizzying! Does anyone have any suggestions based on experience with Udemy and other platforms? ETA: Is it also prudent to make webinars exclusive to one platform (like you can do with Kindle books) or get them listed in a few places?


Recent Udemy changes... well over last 18 months now, have rendered Udemy less than the best for marketing.

If you layout your entire monetization strategy, likely there are far more lucrative + useful ways of marketing than Udemy.

Be sure to mention if you're using your using your course as a lead magnet to build a list or your course itself is what you're targeting to monetize.

Answered 7 years ago

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