Where would someone with an abundance of knowledge and various skills get a just compensation without a degree or little professional experience?

I have many skills in different subjects. I'm searching for most fitting career for lifestyle with top paying job.


You need to build your presentable reputation.

Generally, the better your presentable reputation, the better your pay. This is because the payer will have more evidence that you'll do a good job, so they'll be willing to pay more for higher quality work, and they'll be taking less of a risk by hiring you.

I use the word "presentable" reputation because it's important to remember that the ability to show someone your reputation (i.e. transfer it from the end of one job to the start of the next) is the most important part in building a reputation over time, allowing you to earn more and more.

A presentable reputation can take many forms, including the following:
1) a college degree
2) professional experience
3) a verbal or written recommendation from a friend
4) online reviews of you or your product (e.g. Yelp, Amazon, Ebay, etc.)
5) media coverage
6) a book you write

All of those take time to get, but some can be faster and easier to get than others.

Luckily, if you're a good, hard working, and smart person, you most likely already have option #3, since you've been alive for a while and have probably made some friends. So start with that. Reach out to all of your friends and acquaintances and tell them that you're looking for a job and give them a list of what you'd be interested in, and the related skills you possess.

Any job you get from those referrals will most likely be better paid than any job you'd get by not using those referrals, since the referrals are allowing you to transfer the positive reputation you've built up over the years to the new job.

Go from there. It will take time, but you'll have to start building a better presentable reputation, and by starting with the foundation of your existing reputation you'll start as well off as currently possible.

Side Note:
The ability to use internet platforms (like Youtube, Amazon, Yelp, etc.) as places to get, save, and display reputation permanently, and in an easy to discover manner, is what allows "nobody's" to become millionaires. For instance Amazon sellers start with 0 stars, but once they get a couple purchases and ratings, if those ratings are good, the encourage more people to buy, and it turns into a domino effect where more people buy and more good ratings come in. This takes time too though, so be aware of that if you decide to go that route.

Answered 7 years ago

Jim Rohn said it best, "We get paid based on value we bring to our marketplace."

Give talks to Meetup Groups + CoWork Offices + Conferences.

Contribute to Software Projects.

Guest post to blogs.

All sorts of ways to do this.

Provide more specifics about your areas of expertise + likely many people can provide great ideas.

Answered 7 years ago

Focus on ways to share your expertise - public speaking, podcasts, online tutorials, workshops, coaching or selling/licensing your ideas to companies.

Answered 7 years ago

You said you have abundance of knowledge and various skills and wishing a just compensation without a degree or little professional experience. You can try in following companies:
1. Google
Company Rating: 4.4
Hiring For: Network Specialist, Software Engineer, Associate Contracts Manager, Revenue Lead, Head of Sales Knowledge Management, Digital Marketing Lead for Google Fiber, Hardware Engineering Intern, Business Intelligence Manager, Senior Interaction Designer, Account Strategist, Technical Program Manager & more.
2. EY (Only in the UK)
Company Rating: 3.8
Hiring For: Internal Tax Senior, Tax Services Senior Manager, Advisory Services Experienced Staff, AA Consultant, Machine Learning Engineer, Transfer Pricing Senior ITTS, International Tax Manager, Financial Services Manager & more.
3. Penguin Random House
Company Rating: 3.8
Hiring For: Design Fellowship, Post Production Associate, Accounts Payable Associate Temp, Publicist, Accounts Payable Associate, 2020 Summer Intern, Support Associate, Imprint Sales Manager, Editorial Assistant, Designer, Marketing Assistant, Associate Director of Operations, Social Media Marketing Manager, Senior Web Designer & more.
4. Costco Wholesale
Company Rating: 4.0
Hiring For: Stocker, Warehouse Order Picker, Pharmacy Technician, Independent Optometrist, Optician, Advanced Analytics Analyst, Membership Assistant, SAP Quality Assurance Analyst, Cashier Assistant, IT Portfolio Manager, Software Engineer & more.
5. Whole Foods
Company Rating: 3.6
Hiring For: Store Support Cashier, Grocery Team Member, Cake Decorator, Rotational Team Member, Meat Cutter Apprenticeship, Specialty Beverage Buyer, Produce Associate Team Leader, Floral Team Member, Senior Packaged Software Engineer, Senior Software Development Engineer, Salesforce Administrator & more.
6. Hilton
Company Rating: 4.1
Hiring For: Director of Events & Catering, Security Officer, Room Attendant, Front Desk Agent, Executive Chef, Front Office Supervisor, Senior Staff Accountant, Sales Representative Partnership, Manager of Talent and Rewards, Nigh Auditor, Director of Human Resources, Part Time Night Auditor, Hotel Manager, Food and Beverage Manager & more.
Besides if you do have any questions give me a call:

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