What free tools do you recommend for editing videos for Youtube?

I'm interested in doing videos like Your Youniverse and YouAreCreator. I heard about: Apowersoft Wondershare Filmora GOAL: to create videos with easy transitions between images, my voice and transcription showing up on screen. Pretty darn easy, but I want to know what to use in order to quickly get my channel up and running.


ScreenFlow on OSX (Mac) works fantastic + will only set you back $100.

The real perk with ScreenFlow is rendering, as ScreenFlow is a true multithreaded codebase, so will use available cores on your machine to speed up render/export time.

Also ScreenFlow far surpasses FCP + Camtasia for audio quality.

Answered 7 years ago

Hi! I've been creating short videos for promotions and presentations.

For video editing, you can use Camtasia while for the easiest video production app, you can use Biteable. You can see my sample portfolio in my profile.

I hope I can talk to you and offer more advises and answers to your questions.

Thank you very much!



Answered 7 years ago

Windows Movie Maker is a classic. It's incredibly simple, and while it is limited, if you're just looking to splice some clips, occasionally add in a photo or some music or a title screen it's incredibly easy to use and works. They may not have it available for official download anymore but you can find it online and it's free.

Something more advanced that's free and awesome as well is a program called HitFilm Express. It may not be quite as good as some of the more expensive paid softwares but it's probably good for what 99% of people need to do.

Answered 6 years ago

Typically if you're only just getting started in video production or video marketing, there's three options (ranked by order of learning curve):

1. Adobe Premiere Rush (fast, easy and powerful)
2. Final Cut Pro X (recommended for short to long term)
3. Adobe Premiere (very powerful functionality)

Our agency uses Premiere for every single video project we've produced. We normally need more functionality than what Rush can provide because of the specific nature of our client requests and project constraints.You can see some of the projects we've created with Premiere here:

If you do decide to go with Premiere, we've written on a few techniques that will help you with editing:

Let me know if you need any help with above.

Answered 4 years ago

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