I would like to know what strategies would help me create a monthly revenue stream for a spiritual blog. I will do general motivation (like Brendon Burchard or Tiny Buddha). Creating a passive stream is something important for me to get some form of predictability in finances.

Several approaches.

1) Create content + run Adsense + other Ad Networks on site.

2) Tiny Buddha model - Create books + sell on Amazon.

3) Tiny Buddha V2 model - Create books + sell through Traffic Oxygen. You'll likely reach far more people while keeping your sales process simple.

4) Adsense V2 model - Run Adsense on your site for a month + buy traffic from OutBrain.

After a month, visit whatever page has most traffic + hit Shift + Reload in your browser on this page. Notice the Ad pattern. Likely some Ad will show more frequently than others.

Whatever Ad serves most, is Ad which is working best. This will tell you what site (source of Ad is working best).

Visit the actual site (Ad source) + replace Adsense on your reloaded page with actual site's affiliate offer. Likely your payout will be far more than what Google/Adsense pays.

If Ad source site has no affiliate program, ask them to start one or pitch them for you to be their affiliate manager.

Summary: Start by selling OPP (other people's product), them move on to sell your product (books, coaching, expos, etc.) or service or information.

Answered 3 years ago

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