More people on the site should chat with the live chat representatives.

The truth, however, is that you do not want to encourage chatting for its own sake without a solid strategy in place. Chat is a tool designed for certain goals, such as to increase sales, build brand awareness, or make customer service more efficient. No matter what kind of engagement you are measuring, you are doing so with certain objectives in mind. However, your real end goal is to get conversions. To begin with, make sure you identify goals related to your chat strategy. This might include increasing brand awareness, getting more opt-ins for your mailing list or selling more products. Whatever your goals are in the beginning, make sure they are clearly defined, specific, and measurable.
According to the Nielsen Norman Group, most website visitors will leave in less than a minute if they do not find what they are looking for. Of course, keeping potential customers on your site is based on many factors, including your web design, page loading speed, and ease of navigation. By chatting, customers can learn which product is most appropriate for their needs and get answers to commonly asked questions. Chat can increase conversions on e-commerce sites by providing customers with helpful information quickly.
One of the best reasons to use chat on your website is to increase brand recognition. Your website is your digital calling card and reflects your brand. When you introduce a chat feature to your website, this gives your website a real-time voice and personality. Brick and mortar businesses consider their customers when they hire staff and instruct staff on how to interact appropriately with customers. Consider your overall brand image and the way your customers prefer to be treated. One way for chat agents to engage with customers is by using emojis during chat sessions.
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