I am building a mobile cross-platform app for education that integrates many technologies (eg Google Drive, Microsoft, and web browser). What skills should I look for? What software programs should they be familiar with? What's the best way to find a good technical architect with preferable experience in the education development industry?

When selecting technical/solution architect for a cross-platform mobile app look for the following benefits and do make sure you are getting them:
1. Reusable code — developers can write code once and then export your app to many platforms without having to create a dedicated application for every single one of them.
2. Efficiency — cross-platform development tools offer one alternative for all the different mobile technologies, making the development process more straightforward and comfortable to manage (for example, by setting up a development team faster).
3. Cost savings — developing a cross-platform mobile app means that you will be saving the cost of having multiple development teams working on different versions of your app. All you need is one team which can accelerate its work with tools that are most often free to use.
4. Maintainability — modifying your mobile application is easy because developers will need to update only one codebase. All the introduced changes will be synchronized and reflected in all the apps working on different platforms.
5. Greater market reach — by publishing your app on multiple platforms, you will boost your chances of building a more extensive user base and generating a higher ROI on your app.

Besides if you do have any questions give me a call:

Answered 8 months ago

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