What is the most accurate software to find B2B email addresses?

Finding B2B email addresses of large companies seems like a really hard thing to do. The software I've looked at is either not very good or really expensive for what it does or both! Any recommendations?


Don't go for email software..Personally, I didn't find worth the expense..
Rather, you should create your own list which should be niche/focused and not something which everyone is using.
If you cant, take professional help who can do that if you can share your target company, job titles, location etc.
I am not trying to promote my services here,, but I can help people like you and can surely do a test run, if interested.
You can validate the result and see it is more productive than subscribing to email software companies.
Good luck..

Answered 7 years ago

This question could be asking two questions. How do you scrape a b2b email marketing list, or how do I find a one of email address for a targeted email.

With regards to scraping a list, this is fraught with the possibility of killing your deliverability. It is so easy to add a spam trap. It might me much easier to have people mail on your behalf with a call to action on a squeeze page to join your list.

If you are looking for targeted names for sales people to email one on one I find a very useful too.



Answered 7 years ago

It's actually really easy, if you have a budget that is reasonable and you have an expert who can deliver! Any scraping software is going to refer back a lot of junk in with the contacts you need. Problem is even if you use a mass mailer software your emails will have a horrible bounce rate and your email / IP can get blocked depending on how you send the emails.

There is a reason software is cheap. There is a reason Experian charge a fortune for quality data. Because it's worth it.

Building a quality email list of your own is the way forward. It doesn't necessarily take that long to start building a nice list.

There are also other ways to attract the clients you are looking for - content marketing for example.

Answered 7 years ago

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