We are working on Fintech Solution— 2 members are from the bank, 2 are developers. I am a self taught developer with background in engineering, I've worked mostly in sales and business development roles. But I am struggling to communicate with team members who don't have the same depth of understanding and what it takes to build applications. Our visions are not exactly aligned with individuals who talk about billions when we haven't even defined our VP or MVP. I've built the landing page, and some API integration to prototype, on a simple AWS infrastructure. I'm a big proponent of diverse skill sets on a team even if that value is not fully realized currently at this stage. I'm considering to leave how would you approach this?

I have been in your situation plenty of times. The fact is tech and non-tech people pretty much speak different languages, so having the ability to be "bi-lingual" is very important. If you are running a fintech startup this skill is very important and I would highly suggest against avoiding it. If you want we can hop on a call and I can go into detail on my experiences and see how best you can proceed without leaving your team.

Answered 3 years ago

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